How to Grow Your Brand Audience

How to Grow Your Brand Audience

How to grow your brand audience | grow your list | build your tribe | Branding and Business Coach Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

Today, I'm sharing three simple steps to grow your brand audience, and you are going to walk away today with actual steps that you can use to not only start building your tribe, but also to start creating a community of future clients. I'm going to be sharing with you how to increase brand awareness, which is so, so important when you are running an online business.

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Okay, let's dive in.

1. Creating a Freebie that Your Audience Needs

All right, so in the online space, it's really, really important that we're constantly giving value to our community. And we also know that growing a list, a community of individuals who are interested in what we have to offer is important. But what is often missed when it comes to expanding brand awareness, is offering a freebie or free offer that your audience needs to get their hands on, that they are ready to sign up in that moment. They need what you are offering. So, it's really important that you have an understanding of your audience before creating that freebie. Whether for you that means doing some ideal client work, maybe you have some market research calls lined up, or you can just go into a pre-existing community and ask questions as simple as, what is your current struggle? What are working towards in your business right now? This will really help you create a freebie that your audience needs to get their hands on.

In addition to that, this free offer needs to be packed with value. I cannot stress this enough. I have a couple bonus videos on freebies that you can get your hands on right here. But for today, let's focus on giving value. And let's focus on streamlining our offering. So, when you're creating a free offer, the idea is that your audience, who probably doesn't know anything about you, signs up for this freebie and get their hands on it. We want them to walk away able to take action, able to do something with what you've given them. This comes from simplifying your process, being really straightforward with what you're doing, and trying to solve one problem, not 20 problems. So not only creating a freebie that your audience needs, but getting them the resources and the value and the tools that so they can implement those things right away and see results. That is number one.

2. Utilize Facebook Live

Oh my gosh, I love live video. I also love YouTube, too. But live video is hands down my favorite way to spread brand awareness and grow your audience. Now the brand awareness component of this might be easy, right? You're getting online video, you're talking about a really important topic, you're showing up, people are getting to know you, you're building that trust. But what might not be as clear is how do I grow my audience with live video? Here is the key. You have that freebie that we talked about, step number one. Every time you go on live video, I want you to share that freebie, and I want you to talk about that freebie like it is the hottest thing that they have to get their hands on. And if you begin every live video sharing this freebie and saying, "Hey, take a hot second, click the link below, grab that freebie, right, and then come back here for those awesome tips," you're going to start growing your community with every single live video that you do.

Other cool ways to grow using live video, specifically Facebook Live, is growing your private community by telling them to join your private community. You can promote your offers, you can send them to a blog. There are tons of really cool ways. One thing I see missing a lot in Facebook Live, is we're not giving our audience a call to action. So, giving them something that they can do, so they can continue to hear more from you, so that they continue to be part of your community. If we don't tell our audience these awesome resources that we have, they're never going to know that they exist. So, do yourself and your audience a favor, and show up on that live video, talk about your freebies, talk about your community, talk about all the cool things that you have, give amazing value, build that trust, and watch your brand awareness freaking explode.

3. Content Upgrades

Now, content upgrades are a really cool way to grow your audience, and here is why. If you're spending time on your website, you've built this really cool website, you're spending time writing these blog posts, maybe for you it's weekly or biweekly. We want a way to capture the attention of our audience. And oftentimes we think, oh, the blog post, great. They're a blog reader. But we're not giving them next steps. That's what's really important when it comes to brand awareness and growing your tribe.

So, if someone lands on a blog or, my blog, and the whole blog is about the importance of writing an "about me" page, wouldn't it be cool if at the end of that blog I offered them a free resource on how to write an "about me" page? Of course they're going to be interested, I sparked their interest with a blog topic, they've gotten amazing value of content, now they can go ahead and join my community and my list and get this amazing free resource. Content upgrades have been so amazing for my business, I encourage you to really start implementing them in your business, whether that is via a blog, maybe at the end of a YouTube video, or even on your main website. They're a great, great way to offer value to your community and also capture their information so you can continue to build that relationship and build trust with them, resulting in more ideal clients. That's what the key is.

I get it, growing your audience can be a little daunting. There's tons of information out there, and I trust that these three steps are such a great place to start. Honestly, if I could go back to square one, this is where I would focus my energy and attention on. So, really streamline your efforts, focusing on these three pieces which are, a freebie that your audience needs, not just something that you create and hope that they will want. Facebook Lives and using that not only as a way to spread brand awareness, but also as a way to grow your community. And number three, using content upgrades on your existing website.

Now I know, like I mentioned, there's a lot of information out there, which is why I really encourage you to join me for my upcoming live masterclass on five simple steps to creating an authentic brand that allows you to grow your community with ease and leads to more clients. I'm sharing tons of information that helped me reach six figures in my business in just one year. You can join here:


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