5 Easy Steps to Be More Confident on Video


5 Easy Steps to Be More Confident on Video

May 30, 2019

Video is necessary IF you are building an online brand and business.There are so many options now with Facebook Live, Youtube, IGTV, Instagram Live and Insta Stories just to name a few. Basically video is non negotiable when it comes to an online business, but what do you do if you don’t feel confident to add video to your business? I’m sharing 5 easy steps to be more confident on video.

Prefer to watch, instead of read? I’ve got you boo. Scroll down to watch a quick 6 minute video!

Video is necessary IF you are building an online brand and business. Nope, not an option don't even try to convince me otherwise.  

There are so many options now with Facebook Live, Youtube, IGTV, Instagram Live and Insta Stories just to name a few. Basically video is non negotiable when it comes to an online business.

The #1 question I get from my audience around video is How to Build Confidence.

So, today I’m sharing five easy steps to be more confident on video. I’ve used these techniques and have now shared them with my clients to support them in gaining confidence, feeling natural and totally rocking it on video (both live and pre-recorded).

But, before we dive into the steps I have a quick question to bring some reality to the whole video thing. Is every single person that is showing up on video confident from the start?

Absolutely NOT, sure some people are, but even myself with years on stage, having been on the news and television before, I still freaked out during my first live video.

Give yourself some grace and know from the get go it's going to suck at the beginning. Seriously, your first time isn't going to be smooth, so just know that going in and be confident in the fact that you will improve with time.

So aside from just going for it, what can you do. Here's a simple do this then that strategy to get you started.


This is going to be the easiest part for you, but it’s going to aid in the whole ripping off a bandaid and with step two coming up next. When you make the commitment and put it on the calendar it's a hell of a lot harder to skip it. I actually use this strategy anytime I’m doing something out of my comfort zone; I put it in writing and make the commitment to myself that it’s going to happen.


Now that you've got it scheduled it's time to carve out at least 3 days to practice before hitting that live or record button. This will help work out any kinks or uncertainty and make you feel more confident with the content. You won't always have to do this, remember consistency is key, but in the beginning it's a great tool.

Another great tool is to practice on Instagram Stories - there short, don’t take a lot of time, and your less likely to overthink a 15 second video as opposed to a 5-minute video. Insta Stories are a great was to get you more comfortable with the camera.


As you practice you're going to find your groove. Pay attention to what you enjoy talking about, where you get a little lost and which areas you want to emphasis (a pitch or call to action perhaps). Now map those out in a notebook or document so you have a clear outline for your video.

Bonus Tip: If recording a video record 1-2 sentences, stop, look at notes and start again. If going live be super transparent with your audience and just tell them that you have notes to help you out and might be looking at them from time to time.


Be inspired by those around you and bring out your special characteristics with confidence. So often we try to hide our quirks, but those can make your videos even better. Write down 5 quirks you are proud of that you want to bring out in your videos to play up your authenticity. For instance, I love to talk with my hands so I make sure I have the room to talk naturally and I'm not holding the camera (p.s. You’re going to notice this every time I make a video now)!


There are things that make you feel better no matter the situation. Is it a specific outfit, making sure you've got some lipstick on, being in a particular setting? If you feel confident going into it, as your most bold badass self you'll deliver better content.

I know how easy it can be to think that everything needs to be perfect, especially when it comes to video. If you identify yourself as a perfectionist watch this video here.

But please know that you'll only improve by doing. I hope these 5 tips were SUPER helpful. If you’re feeling confident and ready to do this thing, then you probably need some help organizing your content ideas.

Download my free content calendar and planner if you want If help organizing your content, social media strategy and when you'll post videos.

Please share your biggest takeaways from this blog post and how you’re going to implement this information in your own business!

Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry

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