How to Write a Magnetic Brand Bio for Your Online Business

How to Write a Magnetic Brand Bio for Your Online Business

How to Write a Magnetic Brand Bio for Your Online Business | Branding, Brand Bio, Brand Strategy, Online Business Tips | Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight | Brandmerry

When you have an online business it is super important that people actually understand what it is you do and how YOU, yes you, do it better than anyone else.

Your brand bio is such an important piece of the branding puzzle because it builds trust instantly; if people can understand what it is you do from the very beginning they are more likely to keep following you and check out more of your offers.

And lucky for you I have a super simple formula that you can follow to craft a truly magnetic bio that not only introduces what you do to your audience but has them seeing how it will benefit them.

This is the key difference between a bio that converts and one that, well, doesn’t. If your audience is missing how what you do affects them, then they won’t see why they should take action.

Begin with a Little Intro

Then go into Your Hook

Finish up with Your Accomplishments

Let's dive into the step by step:

#1 Little Intro

You are more than just a business owner and honestly, it’s the little details that make you more relatable, which builds trust faster. This is a great way to begin with that human aspect and share some fun details about you.

Example: “Michelle is a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller.”

#2 Your Hook

This is super simple, honestly you answer three questions and you are golden.

Question One: Who are you and your title?

Please don’t spend too much time on this, because what will matter most to your audience is what you do. So pick it and move on!

Questions Two: Who do you serve?

Think about the person you want to attract to your brand and business and plug that in here.

Question Three: What is your audience struggling with and what do they desire?

These two pieces are golden for your messaging and marketing in your business, and your brand bio is absolutely no exception. When you can connect with your audience exactly where they are and let them know you understand what they really want.

Now fill in the blanks. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation of crafting your hook!

I am ___________________(insert name & title) and I work with ____________________ (insert ideal client) who is struggling with ____________________________ (insert your audience’s struggle) by _____________________ (your superpower) so they can _____________________________ (insert desires).

#3 Your Accomplishments

It’s time to toot your own horn lady and share some of the amazing things you’ve done. No matter where you are at in your business I know you have accomplishments you are proud of. These can be your education, what you’ve done for others, the success of your business and more.

When I started my business I hadn’t made any money, but that didn’t stop me from sharing what I had done.

Phase 1: I started a new online business with a brand new baby

Phase 2: I left my 9 to 5 in just 9 months of starting my business, while raising a new baby

Phase 3: In just one year of launching my coaching business I created a 6-figure business

The video below goes into even more detail about identifying your accomplishments with some amazing questions from my community.


Now that you have this truly magnetic brand bio I want you to share it with the world. Some of my favorite places to share my brand bio are:

  • At the beginning of all my live streams

  • On the homepage of my website

  • At the bottom of all my blog articles

  • Shared for podcasts and interviews I’m featured on

  • On my social media channels (hello consistency)


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