#1 Strategy to Inspire Your Audience to Take Action


#1 Strategy to inspire your audience to take action | 3 step method of "be a mirror" | Brandmerry Branding and Business Coach  

Today we are talking about being the mirror. Let's think about a mirror for a second. We look in a mirror, we see what's happening right back at us. This is what needs to happen with your audience and your ideal clients. Because here's what happens a lot. We find ourselves on a hamster wheel. We find ourselves in this cycle. It's a routine. It's what's been expected of us, what society says we should be doing over and over and over again.

I don't know about you, but it's really hard to step off of that hamster wheel when it's what you've been doing your entire life. I struggled with this so much when I was working basically every 9 to 5 I've ever worked where I knew that there was something else that I was supposed to be doing, but I didn't really know what that was. And what I was doing was safe. What I was doing felt like it's what I should be doing. It was what society told me I should do. It wasn't miserable. I was never miserable in my 9 to 5. That's not always the case, right?

It just didn't feel 100% amazing. But, I was stuck. I was stuck on this cycle. I made money. I wasn't completely miserable. I didn't have a horrible life. It took a moment, the birth of my son, to pull me off that hamster wheel and basically shake me and say, "Okay, now's the time to do something different. You're actually not 100% happy. Let's change things up a bit." Not everyone has those moments.

Not everyone has a life-shaking moment in their life. It is your job to say to your clients, "You're not 100% happy. You'll tell me that. But then it's easy to go back to the same pattern over and over again."

So what do you we do about it? We show up and we talk to our client as the mirror. We really talk to them and walk them through, "Hey, you're feeling like this. You don't want to feel like this anymore, right?" And you can do this in such amazing ways, through live streams, through trainings, through video series, through webinars, through blogs, through YouTube videos, that you really want to talk to your ideal client and in a very loving way, shake them out of their reality                                               

This doesn't work for everyone. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say that every single person that you present this to in a livestream or every single piece of content that comes out, people are going to see. But the women, or the men that you desire to work with, that are your true ideal clients will resonate with this.

So there's a couple things that I do to make sure that I really set up being the best mirror as possible.


I'm a big freaking believer in market research. I love market research. I love it because it gives me so much freaking content, it's insane.                                              

I love to ask my audience, "What's going on right now? What's your number one struggle with branding? What's really bothering you about working your 9 to 5, right now? If you can change one thing, what would it be?" These are just three examples of questions that you can put out there.


Start using those things as topics for your content and your livestream, so that way you're really pulling your audience in with the things they said they're struggling with. You're holding up a mirror and saying, "You really don't have to do this any longer." And the really cool thing about being the mirror in the entrepreneur world, is you're not only holding up the mirror and saying, "You're struggling with this. It doesn't have to be this way." You're also showing them what is possible, which leads us to number 3. 


When I was stuck on the hamster wheel, and when many of my ideal clients are stuck on the hamster wheel, it's hard to see what's possible. We can dream, a lot of us dream big. Entrepreneurs are really good at dreaming. But sometimes it's really hard to put ourselves into those dreams. We can say, "Oh, I really want to leave my 9 to 5." But if I were to ask that woman, "Oh, when are you going to leave your 9 to 5?" "Well, I don't know. I don't know if it'll ever happen."

It is our job as experts in our industry, it is our job as entrepreneurs, to make them see that it is possible for them. The same goes if you're in wellness. If you are a health and wellness coach and your ideal client is someone who's really struggling to lose weight and they need to lose weight because of their health, but they can't get rid of the old patterns that they've grown up with. The way that they've eaten their whole entire life. The way that they've looked at fitness their whole entire life. It is your job to say, "There is another way. I can guide you. This is what's possible for you. Here are some really cool, small changes that you can make." And have them start stepping off the hamster wheel.

The last thing I'm going to share with you about being the mirror is that this works really well for pricing. I hear a lot from my community that they get people on the phone that are super excited that say, "I can't afford it. I can't afford that right now."

If you make your audience understand that the way that they are living, the way that they are doing things, is not going to continue to work for them, that they are going to continue to keep feeling the way that they are feeling, that there is another way, and they can choose to make that decision, it's amazing how easy it is for people to suddenly find the money if they want it bad enough.

So again, continuing off of video one, as you can probably see, it's still about connection. It's still about showing up for your audience, speaking directly to them. Being the mirror in their current situation, showing them what is possible and presenting your beautiful offer or package to them as a way to change it. I know that's what first coach did to me. I know that's what I've been fortunate to do to so many women. As you go into everything that you're creating, think about being the mirror, being the reflection to your ideal client and your audience.


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