Crafting Your Brand Messages with 3 Must Have Tips

Crafting Your Brand Messages with 3 Must Have Tips

Crafting Your Brand Messages with 3 Must Have Tips | Branding Tips, Brand Messaging | Brandmerry

Today I'm talking to you all about messaging. You guys, messaging is my freaking gluten-free bread and vegan butter. Here's the thing. Messaging is key. It is so freaking important, and I don't want us to get confused between content and messaging, because I truly believe that content is the live video that you put out there and the social media posts that you do. The training that you make. The freebie that you create. Your messaging is the core. Your messaging is really what it is you do and why your audience should care. I say this a ton, but if you can read a piece of content and you can't identify why your audience should give a shit about that piece of content, then your messaging isn't strong enough.

#1: Why Should Your Audience Care

I have written emails and asked myself that question at the end, and it was like you're just talking about nothing here Michelle, delete it. It's so freaking true. That's the number one thing. Let's dive right in. Number one is ask yourself why should my audience care about what I'm saying? If you can't answer that, it's time to dig a little bit deeper. Messaging is key, because messaging really paints a picture of what it possible for your audience. I love using messaging as a core of my business, so I actually work with all of my clients to create 10 to 15 core brand messages that say what they do, why their audience should care, and how it benefits their audience. Building basically their programs, their content, everything from these 15 core brand messages.

#2: Go Further

Number one again is asking your audience, asking yourself why should my audience care? Number two, is going further. Oftentimes we'll write a bullet or we'll write, "Hey, if you join this freebie, you'll learn X, Y and Z." We'll say something like, "You'll learn how to really tap into your story." I don't know about you, but I just heard crickets between all of my audience, because unless you really know me and have been following me for six months, you're probably like, "Great Michelle, I'll let you tap into this story, but I don't know what that actually means for me."

I always tell my audience, go a step further. When you think you're done, keep going further. If I thought I was done with tapping into your story, I would be so freaking wrong, but if I went a step further, I would say, "Hey, tap into your story so that you can create that standout brand and really position yourself as an expert online." That's something my audience knows to be true. That is something that my audience can say, "I need that." Because that's the key to messaging. We want our audience to basically raise their hand and say, "Give it to me, please."

Talking about connection, we're talking about the connection and the trust that you built that has your audience saying, "I need that. I want that." If you're no longer feeling so pushy with your offers, because people can read exactly what is in your offer and say, "Oh my gosh, give me that now please." Again, you want to really take it a step further. When you think that your messaging is clear, ask yourself why should my audience care, and frame it in a way that your audience actually understands. I'm going to give you a really good example because I just love examples. I don't know about you. Oftentimes I'll ask my clients, "What does your audience want?" They all want more money. Great, but what do they really want? They want more money so that they can go out and buy things.

#3: Be Specific

What would they buy? What would they buy with that money? They want to travel, they want to take that dream vacation, they want to save for their home, they want to have money so they can leave their nine to five, they want to be able to send their kids to a good school, they want to pay off their debt. Now we're talking. Now when you create messaging, rather than say so that you can make a bunch of money, we'll say, so that you can pay off your debt, finally feeling free from the burden of debt. So that you can take that trip that you've been planning in the back of your mind for five years. So that you can leave your nine to five and spend time with your kids. Suddenly your audience gets it, and it clicks like this, and it's amazing. That's what the messaging should do.

A few things. I want you to ask yourself, "Why should my audience care?" I want you to always go a step further. I want you to be specific with the results that your audience is looking for, and I want you to be really clear. I want you to be clear with what you do and again, why and how it benefits your audience and I promise you that you will see as opt-in rates go up, you will see conversions go through the roof, you will see your ad costs move down. It's really amazing what happens when you spell it out for your audience and have your audience saying, "I need that. Give it to me, please."

It makes marketing so freaking easy. Take the time, do the messaging work, get really crystal clear on that, constantly asking yourself, "What more could I offer here? How specific could I be? Why should my audience give a shit?"


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