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5 Ways to Organically Grow Your Email List

You absolutely need an email list if you are an online business owner, marketer and/or course creator. However, the question always comes up on HOW to actually grow your email list. Sure, you can invest in paid advertisement strategies, but if you don’t have the funds coming in or are just starting out, or like me, and love the combination of both paid and free - then organic is your answer. Learn my top 5 favorite strategies to grow your list for free.

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My Favorite Course Creation Platform

The online business model is growing every single day and more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to share their expertise with more individuals. Creating courses and membership sites are an excellent way to do just that, but where do you start. My favorite platform is Kajabi for its simplicity and ability to do so much more than just host a course.

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4 Tools to Build Your Email List From Scratch

If the thought of building a community and email list has been at the front of your mind, then you’re going to need to start with some key pieces - 4 to be exact. Building a community can get a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out so I’m sharing 4 tools and must-haves to get started so you can stop guessing and start doing!

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