Branding and Business Coach for online female entrepreneurs


Hey lady, I see you because I was you!


You have all these big desires for your life and right now it feels like you are being pulled to something more than your current story; your current situation.

Just like you I had a desire to...
Leave the 9 to 5 life for good (goodbye to a life of shoulds)
• Travel the world and not have to ask for permission to make it happen
• Work from a laptop, wherever and whenever I damn well pleased (yes, vacation, but more importantly next to my son while he plays)
• Exceed my 9 to 5 income without having to sacrifice the life I had created + live a life greater than I had ever imagined before


can you relate lady?




Brandmerry_Family Pic.jpg

Here's the thing...

Even though all those dreams are playing over and over in your head you aren’t quite sure HOW to make them real! 

Because right now your strategy of opting in to every freebie you can find, listening to podcasts and watching Youtube videos just isn't working. Piecing your business together webinar by webinar is NOT how to get started my friend.

Did I mention absolutely ZERO judgment because I was you!


When I was working my 9 to 5, I remember creating a secret Pinterest board that said “My Dream Job” and on it I had multiple pins about blogging, traveling the world and working from my laptop. I’d sit for hours in this daydream state thinking about what was possible for me and trying to find the missing piece that I needed to make it all happen.

When my son was born I knew it was my time to start a business and that desire grew even more over the course of my maternity leave. I knew that this was my time, but I was so stuck at what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what would work best for me and my family, and I seriously struggled.

I struggled for 6 months to get my business off the ground and running, trying to make it work (enter every freebie, webinar and podcast I could find).

It wasn’t until I hired my own mentor that I was able to see inside a world that I had only gotten bits and pieces of previously and I got to see behind the scenes at what was really needed to run a business.


And with that I was able to create a business that allowed me to leave my 9 to 5 and after that final day, September 30, 2016, I created a 6-figure business in just one year! And in 2018, I’ve created multi 6-figures cash in my business + a influencer brand within my industry.

I didn’t do it alone and throughout my journey I discovered that there were missing pieces between my mentors and my programs I was in. That desire to fill the gap led me to create a program that met women where they were, a program that was desperately needed in the online space.


↠ What would it feel like to have all those missing pieces laid out for you?

↠ To be able to pick and choose the ones that work best for you, your life and your business?

↠ To have the support to ask questions & brainstorm having someone who has been exactly where you are now helping you dig deeper than you could ever do on your own?

How would it feel to create a life that allowed you to work with location independence; to travel, to take off when needed and not ask permission?

↠ How would it feel to have the time to do the things you truly enjoy; to go to yoga, to spend time with your child to go on dates with your husband?

↠ How would it feel to have financial freedom to be able to pay off debt, to be able to live a life that doesn’t revolve around paycheck to paycheck?

Because it is possible for you!

And I've got just the roadmap to support you in making it your reality...

Welcome to Roadmap to Freedom


A six-month group program, where you, along with your entrepreneur sisters, will build your thriving business

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you know that fire inside, the one that has been pulling you toward something different? it's time to follow that fire and see where it leads you!

Here's a look inside our time together...

Branding and business coach 5 month program

MOnth one

MODULE 1: Get Your Entrepreneur Head in the Game so You Can Run Your Business in Flow

MODULE 2: Gain Clarity on Your Ideal Client and Start Building Your Online Following

MODULE 3: Find Your Messaging Magic and Start Building Your Recognizable Voice Online

GET YOUR ENTREPRENEUR HEAD IN THE GAME SO you can run your business in flow

  • Gain crystal clear clarity on the desires for your life and business and step into your worthiness as a business owner.

  • Create a mindset practice that allows you to look at money and time in a completely new light and begin to easily manifest your desires into realty.

  • Bring your fears around money to the surface and clear the space to rewrite your money story so money can flow into your life and business.

GAIN CLARITY ON YOUR IDEAL CLIENT AND start building your online following

  • Truly discover who you want to attract to your brand and business (i.e. your ideal client) so you become clear on how to connect with them on a much deeper level than someone else in your industry.

  • Pinpoint their limitations, struggles and what they desire most in order to develop messaging that has them responding with, "It's like you're in my head!"

  • Map out your complete client profile, so you can begin to set yourself up for messaging that converts in the online space.

FIND YOUR MESSAGING MAGIC & start building your recognizable voice online

  • Create messaging that speaks directly to your audience, showcases your personal story so your dream clients are instantly magnetized to your brand and business.

  • Create your core brand messages, by tapping into your story and purpose, that allow you to remain consistent and build trust, making selling about connection and not being pushy,

  • Learn more about the main social media platforms, so you can decide which areas to focus on first, to grow brand awareness and have a larger impact and influence on your audience.

Branding and Business coach 5-month program


MODULE 4: Honing Your Voice to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Space and Attract Your Soul Clients

MODULE 5: Create Your Signature Offerings That Feel Good to You and Has Your Client Saying "Where Do I Sign Up?"

MODULE 6: Start Building Your Audience and Begin Creating Valuable Relationships With Your Community That Lead to More Sales

HonE Your Voice to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Space and Attract Your Soul Clients

  • Understand fully what sets you apart from others in your industry and expand on that to create a powerful online brand.

  • Step into your story and understand how and what to share with your growing community to build trust and loyal fans.

  • Fine tune your voice online and understand how to position yourself as a leader within your industry and beyond.

CREATE YOUR SIGNATURE OFFERINGS THAT feel good to you and has your client saying "where do i sign up!"

  • Weed through all the noise on what you should offer and become clear on what to offer your ideal client that feels connected to your expertise and your purpose.

  • Create a program that delivers on your goal of helping your ideal client reach their desire, and learn to structure your offering in a way that speaks directly to your client and has them eager to invest again and again.

  • Learn how to price your offerings in a way that feels good to you and contributes to balance in your life and business (aka work less, but make more).


  • Create your lead magnet that meets the needs of your ideal client and solves their biggest struggle, resulting in higher conversions, and attracting people that are genuinely interested in what you have to share.

  • Learn how to market your free offer in a way that has it standing out from the crowd and speaks so clearly to your ideal client that they opt in with zero hesitation.

  • Discover how to use a Tripwire as a way to make money at the very beginning of your sequence, plus my top tools to set it up on automate so you can begin to funnel that money into running Facebook Ads.

Branding and Business Coach 5-month program


MODULE 7: Discover How to Create a Cohesive Email Funnel That Takes Your Audience From Ice Cold to Paying Client

MODULE 8: Learn How to Book More Calls That Lead to Consistent Sales in Your Biz

MODULE 9: Learn the Best Marketing Strategy to Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients so Your Can Avoid Overwhelm

discover how to create a cohesive email funnel that takes your audience from ice cold to paying client- list building PART TWO

  • Design an email funnel to turn your ice cold leads into paying customers, that not only shares your personal story, but also sets your business up on automate so you can free up more time to be in your creative zone of genius.

  • Learn how to share your new lead magnet both organically and paid so you can grow your list quickly and as a result sign 1:1 clients or launch a course even quicker.

  • Discover how to use share your new freebie, both organically and paid, so you can consistently grow your community, spread your message and start signing clients without having to spend a dime.

learn how to book more calls that lead to consistent sales in your biz

  • Learn my top six ways to get prospective clients on the phone with you, by utilizing the power of social media, your private community and your list, so it becomes more about the connection and not about being pushy to make a sale.

  • Start to develop trust quickly among your community members and connect with them in an authentic way that sets you apart from others in your industry and has them seeing the value in everything you offer.

  • Learn how to structure the conversation with prospective clients in a way that has them eager to invest, not only in you, but most importantly in themselves.


  • Effortlessly create content that has people saying, “I’m seeing you everywhere!” by discovering how to connect what your client wants with what you love talking about so you create super interesting content that they want to consume on the regular.

  • Learn my simple strategies of quickly coming up with topics that position you as the expert and clearly communicate to your ideal client online, so you can stop spending all your time staring a blank screen or just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

  • Discover which platform will give you the most bang for your buck by exploring the best strategies in using Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube as a way to increase brand awareness without stretching yourself too thin.

Branding and Business Coach 5-Month program


MODULE 10: Become a Sales Pro and Master Sales Objections

MODULE 11: Create The Authentic Brand That Allows You to Stand Out in Your Industry

MODULE 12: Mastering the Power of Live and Pre-Recorded Video to Reach Your Audience Faster

Become a Sales Pro and Master Sales Objections

  • Understand what selling really is to realize you’ve got everything you need to sell, sell, sell with ease.

  • Access my go to script for nailing the sales conversation, how to prime your audience before they even get on the call and how to handle objections like a boss.

  • Learn my proven strategy to follow up with your warm leads to close the sale


  • Create a brand that is in alignment with your purpose, your personal story and your style, and as a result becomes an irresistible brand that has you standing out online.

  • Tap into your brand story to identify how you want people to feel when seeing or hearing your brand and discover how to relay those emotions to your audience for higher conversions.

  • Understanding how color, font and brand elements impact a person’s mood and decision to buy and how to choose aesthetics that exemplify your brand story and inspire your audience.

Mastering the Power of Live and Pre-Recorded Video to Reach Your Audience Faster

  • Learn my exact formula for structuring your video script, improving engagement and how to move into the sale without getting all choked up.

  • Understand what you need and what you don’t to get started with online video so you can feel confident in expanding your brand through this powerful tool.

  • Discover which platform is best for you and your audience so you can show up consistently to deliver incredible content and develop trust with your growing community.

Branding and business coach 5-month program

Month Five

MODULE 13: Master Your Content Creation Strategy and Become a Copywriting Genius

MODULE 14: Nurture Your Growing List and Get Them Ready to Invest

MODULE 15: Create Your Customized Website That Takes Your Ideal Client on a Journey

Master Your Content Creation Strategy and Become a Copywriting Genius

  • Learn to create copy that magnetizes your soul clients and speaks to their deepest desires and most recognizable pain.

  • Master your email and social media copy with simple and straightforward formulas that you can return to time and time again.

  • Discover my proven copy techniques that encourage your community to take action and the next step in working with you above someone else in your industry.

NURTURE YOUR GROWING LIST and getting them ready to invest

  • Attract your ideal clients to your own personal blog, by learning the strategies to drive organic traffic to your site and continue to grow your local audience by utilizing content upgrades.

  • Create a marketing strategy that allows you to share your personal story, struggles and triumphs with your community through a weekly newsletter, while also showing the value of purchasing your services.

  • Plan out and execute your first challenge or series as a way to grow your list and nurture your community with tons of value and information on a topic they need help with most in their life, so they see first hand your expertise as a leader.


  • Learn how to customize your website to reflect all the work you’ve done in uncovering your authentic brand so your clients know exactly why they should invest in your services.

  • Discover what pages to include on your website and how to structure them in a way that pulls your reader in and keeps them engaged long enough to learn more about your story and how your offerings complement their desires, so you can grow your community efficiently.

  • Learn how to create copy for your website that increases your SEO (search engine optimization) so you can drive organic traffic to your website and build your online presence.

roadmap to freedom

Month six

MODULE 16: Onboarding Your Clients and Building Your Team

MODULE 17: Create Your Signature Course That Allows You to Reach More People and Understand How to Successfully Launch

MODULE 18: Developing Your Next-Level Vision and the Mindset to Match

MODULE 19: Your 90-day Plan to Continue Building Your Success


  • Develop an onboarding system for all new clients that flows smoothly and allows little to no effort on your part to get started.

  • Learn how to set up your systems to schedule meetings/calls, collect payments and sell courses or products from your website.

  • Begin to outsource tasks that are not in your zone of genius and learn how to look for the right people to hire on as virtual assistance to free up more time in your schedule.


  • Create a course that makes a big impact on the community you are serving and understand the flow of pieces needed to reduce overwhelm with your audience and streamline your content delivery.

  • Learn how to create a membership site that houses all the information of your course, payment procedures and gives you a well-branded product you are proud to share (and sell!)

  • Discover how to automate your course for consistent sales coming into your business so you can begin to explore the power of passive income as a way to free up time and energy in your entrepreneur life.


Tani Morgan Roadmap to freedom

Developing Your Next-Level Vision and the Mindset to Match

  • Fully step into your worthiness as an online entrepreneur and say YES to your big brand vision (we’re talking 10-year plans here people).

  • Create your resilient mindset and belief system that supports you in handling the entrepreneur roller coaster.

  • Allow yourself to release old beliefs and stories around what is possible for you so you can step into your next-level vision.


  • Create a structure that allows you to take time for self care and actually live your life of freedom, now that your business is up and running.

  • Revamp your mindset routine, now that you've entered this new phase in your life and business. Create a routine that supports your current day to day and business goals.

  • Gain clarity on what needs to happen, moving forward, to keep upleveling your business and break it down into actionable steps so you avoid burnout.


Join Roadmap to Freedom


Ready for the next level?

Check out your VIP offer below!


Roadmap to Freedom VIP

I know you want to get to the next level fast...

That's why I created Roadmap to Freedom VIP. When you join VIP you'll receive EVERYTHING from the regular program, including group calls, FB group, bonuses and all the modules PLUS these additional customized elements:

↠ ↠ ↠ THREE PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING CALLS (60 minutes) to get in-depth feedback and support on your next steps. Imagine what is possible for you if you could get 3 hours of private coaching time with me! The possibilities are endless and this gives you the opportunity to do it all completely 1:1. Any opportunity I have to get 1:1 support I take it and it's contributed to the biggest growth in my biz! **Currently my 1:1 program is a $15k investment**

↠ ↠ ↠ BONUS PRIVATE VISIBILITY STRATEGY SESSION (60 minutes). You know how much I love visibility and what better way to amp up yours than by getting a complete step by step walkthrough of what YOU need to massively expand your brand awareness and start seeing your brand on podcasts, blogs, virtual summits and more. It's the coolest feeling in the world to know your message is reaching the masses!


Meagan DeVries.jpg

“Michelle Knight instilled confidence and clarity in each of her students in this program. She literally gives a step by step roadmap to starting your online business. She's so passionate about helping us all and gives her undivided attention to each and every question. Even though the program has ended, I still have so many valuables resources to go through. With this program, I was able to set up my website, start my Facebook group and page, create a funnel, get confidence and clarity on my niche and brand and so much more. She helped me realize my calling is to be a life coach for introverted, empathetic highly sensitive women who want to move from self doubt to self love. I highly recommend this group program to anyone thinking of starting a business.”



“This has been an amazing experience. I have come so far in such a short amount of time. The clarity i got from tapping into my story and being reminded of all the skills and experience i already have was so empowering. I love Michelle’s support, guidance and enthusiasm throughout the whole program. I definitely recommend this program.”

- TARA MOLLEL  Human Behavioral Specialist

Katie Phillips.jpg

“Roadmap to Freedom took me from feeling frustrated and stuck in my business, knowing I was capable of so much more, but not sure how to get there, to seeing tremendous growth personally and in my business through clarifying my niche and implementing a strategic business plan to get visible to my ideal client. Michelle is authentic, encouraging, and knowledgable. She affirmed my vision, while guiding me in the right direction to see the best results. I feel like I've only touched the surface of what I can learn through this course, and I'm excited to dig back into the modules and apply the principles as my business grows. Thank you, Michelle, for equipping me to take my business to the next level!”

- KATIE PHILLIPS ↠ Katie Phillips Creative Services

branding and business coach
Brand email1.png
branding and business coach
group coaching program
group coaching program
group coaching program

it's time for you to stop dreaming of the life you want and start creating it!


In January 2016, I knew I needed to take action to make everything I desired my reality. Since, my initial group program, I've invested over $30,000 learning from the best business strategist and coaches in the industry. I've combined all the knowledge I've learned from my own coaching experiences and filled in the gaps, those pieces I wish I could've had early on, to create the complete package for you to build your dream business.

roadmap to freedom includes:

  • Six months of group coaching with me, Branding and Business Coach Michelle Knight, where I will support you every step of the way with group calls and in our private community for extra support.
  • Private membership site to access your workbooks, video trainings, complete schedule and bonuses to stay on top of your sh*t.
  • Orientation Packet to help you become clear on your intentions for the program, become clear on your goals and clear space to allow creativity to flow in!
  • Live Orientation Call with Q&A + Goal Setting to prepare you for our time together and how to get the most out of the program from the very beginning.
  • 19 Live Trainings/Coaching Calls and Q&A time to deep dive into the weekly content and answer any questions in real time, I can't stress how valuable this time is.
  • Audio recordings from all Trainings/ Live Q&A calls so you can listen to and reference anytime you need as you work through the modules.
  • 19 downloadable course modules to help you gain complete clarity and learn the strategies and techniques to build your business, attract paying clients and provide you time, financial and location freedom.
  • Weekly audio/video trainings to provide you with complete clarity and support as you begin diving into the workbook and a behind the scenes look at how to handle all the techy stuff.
Teri Gosselin (1).jpg

“R2F was a great experience! Michelle takes you from beginning to end in starting your business - lots of amazing branding, messaging and systems to make it easy! I loved the engagement and way in which Michelle shares all of her knowledge. I upgraded to the coaching sessions with her and they were invaluable! So many amazing brainstorming sessions - and clarity on my messaging and who I am serving! It’s been an amazing evolution! Next step? Website creation with all the guidance from Michelle and her R2F program! If you are ready to take the leap, create a business you love and learn enormous amounts for strategy, sign up! So worth the investment!”

- Teri Gosselin, Transformational Strength Coach + Healer

Michelle_Sheffield_Business_Marketing_Mentor_Coach_For_Female_Business_Owners_Sydney_Australia - Michelle Sheffield.jpg

Roadmap to Freedom is a program like no other. Michelle guides us 100% along the journey of creating our business strategically from the ground up. The module training and pdf's are content rich, yet easy to follow ensuring we avoid overwhelm and throwing in the towel on yet another online program. Michelle wants to see us succeed. She is available through various touch points and by doing so ensures we are supported through the 6 month program. Her ability to engage us, work us and hold us accountable to our actions is the main reason I was able to commit to the program, implement the weekly teachings and see it through to the end. Over the past 6 months I have fast tracked my business journey, I am more confident in my ability as an business owner and I know I have the tools and skills to strategically move my business forward into the next phase. Because of this program, I have been able to wave bye-bye to my corporate career and focus on my business full time. This truly has been the road map to freedom for me and my family.

- Michelle Sheffield, Business & Marketing Coach

Plus These Amazing Bonuses


for 24/7 support


Connect with other entrepreneurial women, enrolled in the course, and develop strong relationships that will support you throughout your journey. Have the powerful community to ask Michelle questions 24/7 in the private community. In addition to creating a community, the lessons you will learn from your colleagues are invaluable to your success as a business owner.

PRotect your business with confidence

Christy Westerfeld Roadmap to Freedom

Start your business off on the right foot, by understanding all the legal pieces that need to be in place to protect you as an online entrepreneur. Learn exactly what you need in place from the get go to have all your legal ducks in a row.

Christy Westerfeld, Esq. is an attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs and coaches. As an online coach herself (former health coach) Christy understands the online coaching and consulting business, and drafts her legal templates specifically for this industry. Christy loves the freedom of running her own business so she can spend time with her 9 month old son, and teach other female entrepreneurs how to legally protect their business! .

Christy will be hosting a bonus live training on the necessary legal pieces to have in place to protect your business in this Legal Training: Protect Your Business with Confidence + Q&A (VALUE: $347)

Design Your Ideal workweek Masterclass

cailen ascher bonus

Cailen Ascher is a Lifestyle Design Expert and creator of the 3-Day Workweek Program will be sharing with you 4 simple steps to design your Ideal Workweek to work less, make more and live better.

Through her programs, products and coaching, she helps women bring intentional design into their lives and businesses so that they can stop living by default and start creating success on their terms. Cailen and her work have been spotlighted in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Create Podcast, MindBodyGreen, Gary Vaynerchuk’s One-a-Day Q&A, and dozens of other podcasts and popular publications. During her 4-day weekends Cailen enjoys time with her two little daughters and husband.

Cailen’s bonus masterclass will be available immediately in the membership site to support you in 3-Day Workweek: Designing Your Ideal Workweek (VALUE: $197)

Miraculous Mindset of Abundance Masterclass

Tani Morgan bonus

Tani Morgan is a Spiritual Business Coach, an energy healer and yoga teacher. Tani stands out as an entrepreneur through her ability to use her intuition, share her spiritual gifts, and trust the universe for support.

This powerful masterclass will support you in creating a Miraculous Mindset of Abundance so you can feel abundant even when your physical world doesn’t seem so, trust that you are always supported even when it doesn’t feel like the clients or money are coming and learn to activate the The Divine Law of Compensation to create money miracles.

You will gain access to Tani’s Money Mindset Training before the program begins to start feeling more abundant, trust that your desires are possible and trust in your actions and that you are fully supported. (VALUE: $247)

Oh girl that's a lot of support!

Let's do this, shall we?

Michelle Knight_ headshot copy.jpg

I keep telling you that everything you desire is possible for you, but why don't I just show you!

Hey There, I'm Michelle

I'm a Branding and Business Mentor, creator of The Free to Be Podcast and the founder of In the past two years my life has completed transformed and it was action and decision making that changed everything for me. I made the decision that now was the time, that my family and myself deserved everything we dreamed of, and took the action to make it all possible. Are you curious what that looked like? Well here you go!

  • Right away I joined my first group program, without any idea what I wanted to build my business around - I think they call this taking action before you're ready.

  • Built a business around branding and website design, but after five months of planning and creating, it just didn't feel right.

  • Launched my coaching business in July 2016 while working with my own 1:1 coach.

  • Left my 9 to 5, three months earlier than planned in September 2016, and went all in to growing and expanding my business.

  • Traveled to Europe for 10 days to explore with my family of three, all while selling my first mini-course program.

  • Hit my year-end goal of $15K the week of my son's birthday, exactly one year from when it all changed.

  • Celebrated my first $20k sale month in early 2017.

  • Hit 6-figures just one year into my business in 2017.

  • And in 2018, my brand went to the next level celebrating consistent $10k - $25k cash months, multiple 6-figures already this year and a recognized and influential brand.


Now I spend my days how I want to. Waking up in the morning and enjoying time with my son, working out and practicing a daily mindset routine, creating and building my business as I see fit, taking time to breathe where needed and adjust my schedule should something present itself. My family also enjoys multiple trips a year, with three already scheduled this fall, something my husband and I have always dreamed of.

I know that every single thing that has happened to me over the past year came down to decision making and action! The action consisted of investing in myself and my future by hiring help, there was not one month I went without a coach, and taking action to implement everything I was learning.

It truly is that simple!

It is your time to thrive!

Ashlee Salinetro (1).jpg

“Roadmap to Freedom helped me grow so much personally. Before starting Roadmap to Freedom I had many fears holding me back - money blocks, fear of failure, fear of rejection - but now I feel confident in my abilities and fully believe (and know) that I have what it takes to run a business. I gained all of the necessary tools to effectively connect with my ideal client and to build my brand, not to mention the tools to work on my self care in the process! Thank you Michelle and my R2F sisters for the valuable and unforgettable experiences!”


Haley Navarro.jpeg

“So grateful to have worked with Michelle for 6 months. She helped me get clear on who I serve, helped build my website, taught me to write copy and build funnels and help me successfully launch my first group program. There was a lot I learned in the 6 months and loved that our calls were recorded and notes were taken because I go back and use them often. I told her when I started that I wanted my hand held throughout the process and anytime I had a question it was answered. I honestly don't know where I would be if I didn't work with Michelle, probably staring at my screen wondering what to do next.”

- HALEY NAVARRO ↠ Health & Mindset Coach

Jena Proctor.jpg

"Working with Michelle for 90 minutes was extremely beneficial to my business. It is amazing how much she can get done in that time frame! We talked through some weaknesses I felt I had in my business and were able to not only build up my confidence but make a plan for the actions I needed to take to grow my business.
The month of support after the call was invaluable, Michelle is SO knowledgeable and can help with ANYTHING. With the call and the extra support for the month, we set up my sales funnel and cleaned up my copy - within days I was making sales!
In the months following our intensive, my income doubled and October was my best month yet!"

- JENA PROCTOR ↠ Pinterest Strategist

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.22.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.25.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.47.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.39.35 PM.png

it's time for you to make the decision and start taking action. right now is your time, will you claim it?

Take some time to imagine what your life would look like when you...

  • Uncover your personal story so you can build a signature brand and business that allows you to stand out in a saturated market.

  • Learn how to move past the fears that have kept you stuck by developing techniques that work for you to address your fears and no longer fall victim to the same cycle so you can manifest the life of freedom you crave.

  • Nail down your niche so your messaging is communicated more clearly and your ideal client feels as though you are talking directly to them, addressing their fears and limitations and will help them get results. 

  • Gain the ability to rid yourself of overwhelm and have the confidence when it comes to handling the techy stuff so you can build and automate your business. 

  • Create a step by step 90 day action plan for your business and develop techniques to better prioritize your life so you are constantly moving forward in your business.

  • Develop the confidence to share your story and message with the world, by utilizing the power of social media, to gain visibility around your authentic self.

  • Develop one of a kind messaging that allows your true voice to shine through, compliments your personal brand and attracts clients that are illuminated by your story.

  • Build a website that is on brand for your business, speaks directly to your ideal client and their needs and is easy to maintain and update, so you can spend less time on the logistics and more time making money.

  • Become crystal clear on exactly who your ideal client is and what limitations they are currently facing, so you can develop offerings that meet their exact needs. 

  • Silence your inner critic and boost your self-confidence so you can put your business and message out into the world and attract your dream clients.





The program begins the minute you register. You will receive instant access to my Entrepreneur Reading List + my 4-Part Video Series to Uncover Your Story, so you can feel prepared when we dive right in! You'll also receive the bonus 3-Day Workweek training from guest expert Cailen Ascher so we can kick this journey off on the right foot.

In addition you will get access to the private Facebook community for Roadmap to Freedom. Our Orientation Call will be held on Wednesday, January 2 and Bonus Legal Call on Tuesday, January 8. The first module will be released the week of January 7 and will continue until the week of May 20. Throughout the program implementation weeks have been added to give you optimal time to get sh*t done!

will i be able to ask questions and get feedback?

Abso-f*cking-lutely! This course was designed to give you the support you need to create your dream business, and I know you will have questions. In addition to the live training calls, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive hot-seat coaching, I will also be an active member in the Facebook group, popping in multiple times a week, where you will get real-time feedback and laser coaching regarding your copy, messaging and any additional questions you may have while starting your business.

I know I want to start a business, but i don't know where to start. is this for me?

I literally made this program with you in mind, because I WAS YOU! Working a 9 to 5, juggling life as a new mother and starting a business so I could escape the grind was hard work and I knew when the time came in my business I wanted to make it easier on others who wanted to do the same thing. If this is YOU, which I think it is lady, then know you will be 100% supported through this program. I've created a roadmap to support you every single step of the way from business idea to reaching your ultimate desires (insert money, house, leave 9 to 5, family, travel...the possibilities are endless).


Yes! If you are in a place in your business where you aren't hitting your income goals, feeling stressed and overwhelmed or not clear on the direction of your business, then you will benefit greatly from joining this program. Six months into my business, after completing a group program, and launching my business, it just wasn't the fit I had dreamed of. After getting back down to basics, connecting with my story and streamlining my systems, I relaunched my business and was able to leave my 9 to 5. I've designed this program to help you streamline your success and create a business that reaches your income goals - finally!

will there be additional investments i will need to make?

You will need to invest in a website, domain name and email marketing provider, although there are great free options out there as well. In addition, I recommend you invest in legal support (either templates or customized) which are referenced, but not offered in the course. The investments are up to you, and I will offer free options to suit where you are in your personal journey.

how is this program different from other group programs?

Because I've filled in the gaps! I've noticed what pieces were missing from the programs I've completed and I've included additional strategies and tools to make sure nothing is missing. Roadmap to Freedom also takes it one step further and dives deep into your messaging and ideal client work, so everything you build after that fits perfectly with your business. It also includes alternate ways to grow your list and build your loyal community, in the form of webinars, a virtual summit, blogging and JV partnerships. In additional to just workbooks, I've included video tutorials, audios, laser coaching, real-time feedback in the Facebook group and challenges to give you the tools and support you deserve.

This isn't your standard group program, because I'm not your standard coach; I’m here to support you in not only creating a profitable business, but a strong personal brand. I will hold you accountable, because your success is my success. I will keep you moving forward, because I want you to live your life of freedom.


Ok, so this isn't really a question, but it comes up a bunch. The reality is there will never be the "right" time for you to invest. There will never be a better time than right now. Making changes in your life and business is scary, I've been there too, if you want it make time for it, I truly believe it is as simple as that. Aside from the weekly q&a calls you can get through the modules in just a couple hours a week - is your business worth that?

P.S. While this program will be offered again in 2019, it will be more expensive. This is the last time to join the program at this price point.

what kind of success will i get from this program?

Your success is completely up to you. I will give you the resources, strategies and tools to create and launch your successful business. I will also teach you everything I've learned to create my own successful business. However, I can not guarantee your success, that is 100% up to you and the effort you put in to the program.

Are you ready to step into the version of you that you've always known was possible - the woman who is truly living freely?

Are you ready to get the kind of support you deserve and will have you feeling confident in the business you've created, your message and your story, so you can attract clients you love?

Are you ready to stop making excuses for why things just aren't working out and remove the feeling of overwhelm when it comes to gaining visibility online and prioritizing what needs to be done to make money?

Would time and financial freedom be a complete game changer for you and your family? Could you finally travel the way you want, pay off debt and save for a new home or college education?

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Yes, I'm Ready to Thrive