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Why We Decided to Go Tiny

why we decided to go tiny

November 22, 2018

Hey there, we’re the Knights. I know we’ve met before, but I’m so excited to formally introduce you to my husband Ben and my son Cal!

In 2019 we are setting off on a really exciting adventure, and we want to tell you more about it and bring you along for the ride.

What are we doing?

Beginning in 2019, we are setting out for a year-long adventure in a travel trailer. That's right. We're moving into a travel trailer and going tiny.

We're downsizing.

We're embracing the minimalist life, and we are going to travel the U.S., and work from anywhere.

Why are we doing this?

This was originally a five-year plan for us, but some things have happened this year that have accelerated the process.

In January, I lost my grandma to cancer and Ben lost his mother at the end of September to cancer as well. So we've kind of realigned our priorities because we have one life to live and we really want to make the most of it.

And this isn’t the first time our lives have shifted after the loss of someone, which is another reason why we know that now is the time to take action.

We both lost someone, my brother and Ben’s best friend about 10 years ago to cancer. So knowing these moments happen, we just look at what we're currently doing, what doesn't light us up, and we make a change.

How are you able to do this?

So this is the question we get asked a lot. We're very fortunate because three years ago, when Cal was born, I set out to create my own business.

I’ve worked really hard to create a profitable business that is going to allow Ben to retire from his retail life and for him to come on, work with me at the company and do some freelancing and editing, but ultimately without having the mortgage, without having all of the bills that come with the house and multiple car payments, we're able to live off of one paycheck, which we're excited about.

What’s the plan?

Yeah. So, we bought a travel trailer in October and it was a fixer upper. We've been renovating it for the past month, and the plan is to have it completely finished by the end of January. Then we're going to hit the road, and we're going to travel all of North America, hopefully get up into Canada, see family and friends and beyond.

Our ultimate goal with all of this is that five year plan. We really want to find land, and we are in such a cool situation, that we get to just travel all over and see where we kind of want to find land, put our roots down, and build our dream, probably not big, home.

Follow the journey!

So, we created this platform so that we can bring you along for the journey. It's going to be a really exciting time, and Ben and I are going to be hosting the Free to Be Podcast together starting in January. We’ll be sharing what we're doing, what it's like to be entrepreneurs on the road, how we've adopted a minimalist lifestyle, how we are raising a child in such close quarters, and our relationship.

So be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast listening platform and to also catch us on Instagram and YouTube.

Learn why our family of three has decided to redefine the American Dream and embrace the tiny lifestyle, while building their entrepreneur business on the road,

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