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Why perfectionism is bad for business (entrepreneur edition)

Why perfectionism is bad for business (entrepreneur edition)

April 25, 2019

Why perfectionism is bad for business


It's a trap. I'm talking about perfectionism, more specifically, perfectionism in business.

I know it's really easy when you dive into this whole entrepreneur thing that you want every single thing to be perfect.

So I have to know, do you struggle with perfectionism and more specifically, did you feel that heightened when you became an entrepreneur when you started diving into the world of entrepreneurism?

I know I did, and you and I are not alone. There are so many women who struggle with this. Today, I want to talk to you about what perfectionism means for your business and how you can start to escape it.

Real talk. I have struggled with perfectionism my entire life, and I'm not talking about that one time in college when that one paper had to be perfect.

I'm talking about perfectionism on an emotional, mental, and physical level really impacting me for years and years. And so when I tell you I get you, I am not freaking lying.

That feeling of almost being paralyzed to do anything in your business, redoing and redoing an email and a website, trying to get it absolutely perfect to the point that you feel exhausted and slightly overwhelmed and comparing yourself to other people in the online space because let's just admit it right now, comparisonitis plagues perfectionists so much.

I get it - all right. Maybe you're not that far gone, and to that, I say bless you, but perhaps you are, and you need to hear exactly what I'm telling you today.

Throughout my entrepreneur journey, I had to come face to face with my struggle around perfectionism. And today I have some harsh truths for you; perfectionism is keeping you stuck. I know, I get it.

When I first heard it, I was like, who do you think you are? But it's true and after three years of really making this a focus, to dive into how perfectionism was keeping me stuck, how it was keeping me in a safe space, I have come to learn that it is an excuse that so many entrepreneurs use, and it's probably an excuse that you're using today.

It's a belief that you have held onto for so long that it's ultimately keeping you stuck.

It is keeping you in a safe bubble where you are not taking risks and big, bold chances. And I have to tell you; it is those risks and big, bold chances that make you a better entrepreneur and more importantly, a better version of yourself.

And so with everything, I genuinely believe that you have a choice and you might be thinking to yourself, I know that and I believe that, and maybe you know that on a surface level, but have you actually thought about that today?

Have you thought about the fact that you can live with something forever and ever and you can wake up one day and have a choice to no longer let that be your truth?

You have a choice right now.

You can choose to stay safe in this perfectionist bubble, redoing things over and over again, not putting your voice out into the world, or you can choose to take action, and you can choose to get super uncomfortable, and I have to tell you, that's where growth comes from. It comes from doing uncomfortable things.

Also, side note, if the fear of failure is like going off in your head right now, watch my video from last week because we talked about the fear of failure and what it truly means.

But I have a question for you. Does everyone who struggles with perfectionism stay hidden? The answer is no. Obviously, because there are big important people in this world who are out there sharing their message that struggle with this same thing that you and I struggle with and I know that was a huge part for me.

When I realized that these people out there every single day are doing it even though they might be a little fearful that they might fail or that it won't be perfect. They're still doing it. I'm standing in front of you today to tell you that you have a choice.

You deserve to show up, and you deserve to be seen just as you are in this moment, even if it doesn't feel perfect, it's your job to decide not to let this label keep you from achieving greatness.

My first live stream was horrible. My first webinar blew up in my face, my first launch. It did not go as planned, and the only way that I grew was by putting it out there and continuing to take action over and over again.

So how can you ever perfect something if you're not willing to put it out into the world? If you are afraid of what people are going to say, I have to tell you there will always be people who love you and there will always be people who want to bring you down.

You have to focus on the people who love you, and you have to put your stuff out there and to be your true authentic self anyway.

So how are you going to show up and take action and take risks even though it is scary, even though you want it to be perfect and it's not there yet because I am telling you your business, your life of freedom, it all comes back to you and the choices that you will make today.

If for you, that action means finally getting started, your thriving online business. If that means for you saying yes to the dream that you've had forever playing over and over in your head, but you're afraid to do it because guess what? It's not perfect yet.

I want to invite you to my upcoming masterclass where you'll hear from someone who has been where you are struggling with perfectionism, and we're going to talk about exactly what you need to create a thriving online business that doesn't waste time, energy, or resources, and get you to profitability faster. You can go to

Please share your biggest takeaways from this blog post and how you’re going to implement this information in your own business!

Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry

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Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. I created my own business just after having my first baby and while working a 9 to 5.

Within one year I left my 9 to 5 and created a 6-figure business. Now I spend my days as a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs, raise my little boy and travel the world with my little family of 3.





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3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas

3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas


3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas | What to do when you’re multi-passionate, how to come up with a business idea |

What do you do when you have all these amazing ideas in your business? This is something all of my clients have been struggling with this week. They have so many ideas, and because of that, they aren’t taking action on any of them. I see this a lot in the online space and something I believe I’m really good at is action taking. How to take action and when.

There are 3 main questions I want you to ask yourself when you’re having a lot of ideas. These questions will help you navigate through your ideas and decide which will benefit you the most at which time. The reality is if we’re trying to implement all of them at once, they won’t be as good.

1. How does this idea actually feel?

Ask yourself where this idea came from and is it coming from a place of inspiration or a place of “oh I have to do that to be successful.” Is this something you are doing because someone else is doing it, and if so, how does that feel? Find out if it’s something you really want to do or if it’s something you feel obligated to do. Is this coming from a place inspiration or a place of desperation?

2. Will this move the needle forward?

We have to constantly be doing things that are going to keep expanding our business. We have to constantly be thinking about that end result. What are you going towards? Is what you’re doing now helping you get to that end result? Or is it just going to take up time and energy? If this is just adding more to your plate, and it’s not going to move the needle forward and help you get to that end goal, it’s not something you need to focus on right now.

The biggest block I see is that people are afraid if they don’t do it now, they won’t ever have the opportunity to do it. But you can decide at any moment what you want to do. Your ideas can happen at anytime. Just because we don’t take action on something right here, right now, doesn’t mean we can’t come back to it when the time is right.

3. What needs to happen to make this idea come to life?

This is a big thing. We sometime forget to direct what needs to go into our ideas. I believe there is value in putting energy and love and attention towards something, giving it our all, to make sure it works. So you need to ask yourself “what does my time look like?” Do you have the time to be doing it right now? What are the things that need to happen and can you make space for that to happen right now?

Once you’ve asked yourself these 3 questions, you can really decide if this is a business idea you should start right now, or if it’s time to take action right now. You have to be really honest with yourself. But the biggest thing is ripping off the bandaid and taking action. Once you’ve made the commitment, and you know what you need to do to implement your new idea, you need to TAKE ACTION.

And if you’re still struggling, do you know what your end goal really is? You have to be really clear and where you want to end up, so you can decide which pieces to focus on now.

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Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry
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Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. I created my own business just after having my first baby and while working a 9 to 5.

Within one year I left my 9 to 5 and created a 6-figure business. Now I spend my days as a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs, raise my little boy and travel the world with my little family of 3.





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EPISODE 01 | Married to an Entrepreneur with Ben Knight

Married to an Entrepreneur with Ben Knight

Free to Be Podcast | Episode 01

Ep. 1 Married to an Entrepreneur with Ben Knight | The Free to Be Podcast with Michelle Knight of Brandmerry

Welcome to the Free to Be Podcast. I'm so excited to bring you a really personal and exciting first episode with my husband, Ben Knight. With questions submitted by my community Authentic Brand Builders and followers on Instagram, Ben and I are having a candid conversation about our relationship, how we find harmony in our relationship, his role in the business and how we handle those money conversations.

It's a beautiful episode in which you can get a glimpse into our life together, hopefully, learn a little more about how he has supported me as I have grown and continue to grow my business.

Things we talk about in this episode:

→ Our story, how we met and fell in love (seriously, it could be a movie)

→ How we find harmony in our relationship while running a business

→ What Ben really thinks about the time I spend on my business

→ How Ben supports me as I grow my business and his tips for you and your spouse

Important links mentioned in this episode:

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On the Road by Jack Kerouac


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Michelle Knight_ headshot copy.jpg

Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. I created my own business just after having my first baby and while working a 9 to 5.

Within one year I left my 9 to 5 and created a 6-figure business. Now I spend my days as a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs, raise my little boy and travel the world with my little family of 3.





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Brandmerry Blog: The Best of 2017


2017 was a year of amazing connections, community and content. I'm sharing the top rated and most visited videos and blogs of 2017 to support you 100% as you head into 2018. Ready to create a thriving 6-figure business, while keeping your sanity in the process? Then head to the blog RIGHT NOW!

It has been such an exciting year at Brandmerry! I love this time of year because of the chance to reflect on growth, changes, failures (yes those too) and prepare our minds for the year ahead.

As I prepare for 2018, I know you are also gearing up for what is going to be a complete game-changing year for you as well. This blog post is full of my top video, blogs and amazing community love over the past year.

Top Videos

Working Full Time New Mom to 6-figure Business Owner in Under 2 Years!

Oh my heart - everything that has happened within the 2 years of my business all wrapped up into one single video. I shared it all in this one, the struggles, the triumphs, successes and failures and so much fun reminiscing on the early days of my business. This was definietely my most impactful video of 2017, as I received multiple comments and messages from women who were touched by my transparency and inspiration to keep going. Watch the full video in Authentic Brand Builders.


Still one of my favorite videos to date because of the openness and vulnerability of my own story. I shared my own journey with allowing myself to TRULY believe that I was worthy of everything I desired and to finally grant myself permission to want more. It's one of my favorite #realtalk videos that you need to see before 2018.

RECONNECT WITH YOUR STORY {Day 1 of 5 Day Challenge}

I freaking loved this challenge so much, in fact I'm bringing it back in the New Year so don't forget to sign up. This was the first time I felt truly in my zone of genius while hosting a challenge. So many business, brands and lives were transformed during this 5-day challenge where female entrepreneurs learned to tap into their story to create a truly authentic brand. 

Top Blog Posts

What To Include in the About Me Section of Your Website

Writing your About Me section for your website doesn't have to be overly complicated, it's just storytelling right? I'm sharing with you the three key pieces to uncovering your story and six ways to make your About Me section become a top converting page.

7 Tips for a well-branded photoshoot

Having a well-branded photoshoot is so important to have a cohesive representation of your business across all platforms. It's all about consistency when you create an online brand and your photos are an excellent way to make that happen - not to mention photos are the single best way to convey emotion!

4 Steps to Improve Your Brand Consistency Online

Brand recognition is important because it build trust among your community and trust results in more business for you and your brand. Learn 4 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your brand consistency online.

How to Get Your Ideal Clients to Stay on Your website

It's so freaking important to give people a REASON to stay on your website and to explore more about you and what you have to offer. Click to watch the video where I share tips on how to get your ideal client to stay on your website! 

How To Uncover Your Story for an Authentic Brand

One of my very first Youtube videos in 2017 still remains the top visited blog on the Brandmerry Blog and most viewed on my Youtube channel. This video outlines everything I believe to be true about branding and how to make sure you are set up for a money-making brand from the very beginning.

Amazing Community Love

I'm constantly in awe of the amazing connections I've been privileged to make through my business and the Brandmerry community. I set out to create a business that not only felt good inside and out, but made a lasting impact in the lives of others; to empower more women to step into their worth and own their story. 2017 was a transformational year. This year I've made amazing friends, worked with amazing clients and have grown my community full of women who are truly going to make a difference. Thanks for being part of this journey!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.50.44 AM.png
Messaging 1.png
Messaging 4.png
Messaging 5.png
Messaging 6.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.40.57 PM.png
Testimonial Laura.png
Testimonial 3.png
Testimonial Laura2.png
Niche testimonial.png

a final note...

As I look ahead it's crazy to think that just last January I was still struggling to sign consistent clients. I was making money in my biz, but in order to hit my goals for 2017 I knew something had to change.

Turns out I needed to step it up.
Take major risks in investments.
Follow my gut when new opportunities arose.
Test to see what worked and didn't. 

Embrace help from others.
Embrace slowing down.
Embrace deep emotional work.
Embrace that I no longer needed the label of perfectionism.
Embrace sleeping till 8:30 and morning snuggles.
Embrace time to listen

Multiple $25k sale months,
Consistent $10k cash months for 3/4 of 2017.
Traveling for work and masterminding with incredible women.
Serving thousands of women through my group, programs, courses and my blog.

At the beginning of 2017 I set out to create a 6-figure business that not only made an impact, but didn't cause my to lose my sh*t in the process; and in 2017 I surpassed my cash goal by making over $100k in my business.

It was the year I took some of the biggest risks of my life and I'm excited to see what unfolds in 2018 ❤️

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Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. She works with her clients to dive deep into their story so they can create a brand and message that positions them as an expert and allows them to create their desired income to free up time in their schedule for what matters most. Learn more >>