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The Top 5 Things I'd Do if Starting My Business Again For the Greatest Impact to My Time and Money

The Top 5 Things I'd Do if Starting My Business Again For the Greatest Impact to My Time and Money

The Top 5 Things I'd Do if Starting My Business Again For the Greatest Impact to my Time and Money | Start a business | Brandmerry

My business has changed so much from when I first started. I've been in business for 2 years now, and it started with my husband and I creating a design business. I had a background in Public Relations and he had a background in design, but I realized shortly after that that's not what I wanted to do. In August 2016, I started Brandmerry and knew right away that this was it. Had I known this, I would have started Brandmerry from the very beginning. 

However, something that I really want you to take away from this is to honor the seasons. Whether you're at the side hustle level, the solopreneur or you're starting to build your team, honor your seasons. You are exactly where you need to be. 

1. Look inward to discover what you really want to do and do it

If you know anything about me, you know I always want you to start with your story. Looking at your story will help you discover what you really do and don't want to do in your business. And I'm not talking about posting on social media, and those things that you can later outsource, that need to be done in your business for marketing purposes. I'm talking about the way you're working with clients - are you working with them in a way you truly enjoy, or do you not like how you're currently working with clients? Are you offering a package or service that you actually don't like doing? Are you doing what you actually want to do? Because it's not easy, so it's not worth it if it's something you ultimately don't like.

I think it's important to be doing what you want to do because otherwise all that energy is not worth it. Think about the bigger purpose - the big picture. The why doesn't always do it for me, but the big picture does. Maybe coaching is the avenue to get you to where you want to be in the big picture. Just be really clear on the type of business you want to create. Know that it is possible for you and remember to think big picture. 

2. Know your freaking audience

I didn't think this was important in the beginning. I would tell my coach that I had done the ideal client worksheets when I hadn't. And there was a big a-ha moment for me when I was home sick from my 9-5, and I finally sat down and wrote out who my ideal client. A week later I signed a client that had been in my community, and now I was finally connecting with her. There is a reason companies spend tons of money on marketing research. It's about understanding your audience so clearly, that you can inspire your audience to take action. Study your audience. Pay attention to what they're saying, what they need and want in their life. The more you understand your ideal client, the more trust you will build with them. I encourage you to do everything you can do get in their head (in a non-creepy way). You need to identify what they're struggling with and what they really want. You also need to know their hopes and dreams. I survey my audience at least 3 times a year, and it makes a big difference. 

3. Be focused and forgiving of your schedule

I really wish I would have know this in the beginning because there were times I was really hard on myself. There's not a one size fits all approach to business. That's why it's important to find a mentor and community that understands that. It's also important to look internally and figure out what works for your life. But that dines't give you an excuse to slack off and not do something because you don't feel like it and then say it was because of time. Time is not an excuse. We have the same time in the day as Oprah and Tony - that's what I always say. 

You need to be forgiving or your schedule and find your blinders. Find the people that inspire you and put on your blinders to everyone else. No shiny object syndrome here! I think it's really really important that we are diligent of our time, forgiving of ourselves and aware when we are all over the place. Focus. Ask yourself - are you using your time efficiently? Again, there's no one size fits all. 

4. Grow your list from day 1

Start growing your list form day 1. Start growing your list from day 1. If you're a blogger, put a pop up. If you have a Facebook page, have a signup. Even if you don't have  free offer, have a place where people can sign up. It's important for you to have a database of your own. As far as strategy goes, this is one of the top things to do from the very beginning. It will be slow at first, but just get in the habit now. That first person could be that first client. My first client came when I had 10 people on my list. It's also important as you scale. This doesn't stop. You should always be growing your list. 

5. 2 P's: Plan and Patience

What do I mean by planning? I want to talk to you about planning for the big picture. What is the mission of your business? There are so many avenues for you, and you are multi passionate people. And there's nothing worse than telling a multi passionate person that they can't do what they want to do. So don't do it. If you have to do this thing right now, to get to where you want to be - the big picture - than do it. My big picture is to speak on stage and travel to be a speaker. Coaching is something I fell in love with, but my big picture is to be a public speaker. Don't think desires for your life, I want you to think business big picture. Are you going to be a speaker? Are you going to create the next B-School? Always thinking of the big picture will help you with what to do now. Start thinking about those pieces and planning for the big picture from the very beginning. 

With that comes patience. Know that it is going to take time. If you are putting in the effort and energy and know you are worthy, you will get there. You have to have patience and know that it's your journey. Stay in your lane. Focus on what you're doing. The impact you're having. Patience, patience, patience. 

You can watch the whole video for a more in-depth version of this and several bonus tips below!

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Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

Branding and Business Coach | Branding Coach | Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. She works with her clients to dive deep into their story so they can create a brand and message that positions them as an expert and allows them to create their desired income to free up time in their schedule for what matters most. Learn more >>

3 Key Pieces to Create Your Personal Brand


3 Kay Pieces to Create Your Personal Brand

I'm excited to announce a new feature on the Brandmerry Blog and through my Youtube channel, which if you aren't subscribed you can do so here:

I'll be sharing live videos that I record in my private community Authentic Brand Builders, on my FB business page or as a guest expert, that are not to be missed!

I'm excited to share with you a live stream I did recently talking about the 3 Key Pieces to Create Your Personal Brand.

In today's video I'm sharing:

▶ ▶ Why creating a brand is more effective than just creating a business and how a switch in focus allows you to stand out to your ideal client in the crowded online world.

▶ ▶ My #1 approach to branding that allows you to give your brand a voice and my top strategy for finding it, so you can build an irresistible and bold brand that positions you as an expert in your industry from the get go.

▶ ▶The #1 thing missing from online branding and how you can identify it and start incorporating it into every aspect of your brand so you not only grab the attention of your audience, but keep it long enough to build a deep, meaningful connection with them.

Don't miss out exclusive FB lives and the opportunity to ask your juicy questions, by joining my community The Authentic Brand Building Entrepreneur (or ABB for short ;))

Branding and Business Coach

Branding and Business Coach

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. She works with her clients to dive deep into their story so they can create a brand and message that positions them as an expert and allows them to create their desired income to free up time in their schedule for what matters most. Learn more >>

Effectively Plan for 2017 (and how not to lose momentum)

I absolutely love this time of year. The time between Christmas and New Years when you just dream of the year ahead. I spend so much time during this week every year just reflecting on the past year and planning for the future.

Effectively plan out your 2017. my three step process to achieve your goals and keep your momentum going all year long.

Are you planning this week? It's such an amazing time of possibility! However, I've seen time and time again people who create goals and within 90, sometimes 30 days, stop making progress. I don't want that for you and I promise you there is another way. 

Last year I set out with a pretty big goal - launch my business, leave my 9 to 5 and make enough money on my own to support my family. It was scary, but it was a dream I couldn't ignore. I followed the exact process I'm laying out for you below to make it all my reality.

I truly believe anything you desire can become your reality. That is why I follow this approach when mapping out my year ahead. I've said time and time again it helps you keep momentum in your life throughout the whole year, but it also allows you to achieve your wildest dreams! If you start with the end goal in site, and don't worry about the how, you get into a place of anything is possible, and with that mindset it truly is.

learn how to effectively plan your goals for the year and actually achieve them

Here is the exact process I use to map out my year ahead. It totally worked for me in 2016 and I know it will work for you and I this coming year!

Three step process:

  1. Write out your goals for the year: Dream big baby! Don't hold back here, the main goal is to just write down every major goal you have for 2017. Don't worry about the how, just imagine yourself this time next year and imagine how different your life is. What were the major accomplishments that led to that moment?

  2. Break your goals down quarterly: Take those big goals and break them down into seasons. If your goal is to make $100K in your business then how much do you need to make every quarter? If you want to have 12 clients, how many feels good to take on each quarter? Again we aren't worrying about the how, just breaking it down into smaller, more manageable goals. 

  3. Step by step plan: This is my favorite part of the puzzle because this is where my creativity and strategy comes into play. Take your quarterly goals and write out exactly how you plan to get there. Again, we aren't really focusing on the how, although we are definietely implementing a little more strategy at this phase. The main focus is laying out the steps you need to take so you have a clear picture of the action steps needed to reach your desires. If you want to make $100K in your business and that comes out to $25K a quarter, then you know you need to take on 5 clients at $5k, or hold a group program with 50 people at $500 a piece. The strategies and techniques are endless, you just have to come up with the methods used to reach your end goal.

This technique seriously works for anything, it doesn't have to be money related! If you want to create a Facebook community, like my group Authentic Brand Builders, and you want X number of people in the group for Q1, then what strategies are you going to use to get there? If you want X number of people on your email list by Q2, how many people do you need a day and how are you going to get there?

By working backwards you really are setting yourself up for success from the very beginning - not to mention you have a step by step action plan that keeps you on track and keeps your momentum going for the whole year.

2017 is your year! It's the year that you launch your business, make your first $10K, $30K or $100K, it's the year you leave your 9 to 5 or the year you take that two week trip to Europe - it is your year! Don't hold back when it comes to planning your 2017 and for goodness sake don't get caught in the how from the very beginning, just picture and feel into the end result.

I promise you it is ALL possible, I set out with a goal at the beginning of 2016 to launch my business, leave my 9 to 5 and make more than enough money to support my family and life of freedom, and I'm doing just that. 

Make a plan.

Take action.

Live your life of freedom.


P.S. Ready to Get Sh*t Done in 2017? I'm hosting a goal setting challenge in Authentic Brand Builders, kicking off on Monday, January 2. Get all the details and sign up here:

7 Tips for a Well-Branded Photoshoot


Learn how to have a well-branded photoshoot for your personal brand in just 7 steps

Having a well-branded photoshoot is so important to have a cohesive representation of your business across all platforms. It's all about consistency when you create an online brand and your photos are an excellent way to make that happen - not to mention photos are the single best way to convey emotion!

Below I've included my top seven tips to have a well-branded photoshoot.

1) Have a completed brand board

You don't want to go into your photoshoot without having a clear picture of your brand, otherwise you will just be paying more money for another shoot in a few months. I ALWAYS have my clients create an inspiration board for their brand. I highly recommend you start with Pinterest or Google to collect photos that mirror your branding and pull from those to create a finalized inspiration board. In my new course Turn Your Story into Your Signature Brand, there is a whole module on creating a killer inspiration board for your brand. 

2) Be clear on your top descriptive words for your brand

For me my top three words are: adventure, freedom and warmth. Think of your top three words, which should be evident in your inspiration board. You want those top three words to come through in everything you do during your shoot. Pick outfits that exude your three words, select a location that matches your three words, you get the picture. Here are a few photos from my shoot, so you can see for yourself how my three words come through.

3) Pull inspiration from others

You will tell by the end of this blog that I absolutely love Pinterest, it is such a great resource for business owners. I recommend you turn to PInterest again for inspiration for your photo shoot. Use the search bar to find photos that match your brand and style - choose photos that resonate with you. Some of my favorite search words are: family photos, branded photoshoot, lifestyle session or free people. Below is a copy of my board I used before my shoot. You will send this to your photographer before the shoot so they can get an idea of exactly what you are looking for.

4) Research your photographer

It is so important to find a photographer that matches your style. I was so lucky to find Jacob Laofman years ago and truly admire his work. When choosing a photographer look at their past work and make sure their type of photography, lighting and coloring matches your brand. Be sure to ask for reviews and perhaps a consultation, if you've never worked with them before. Remember this is an investment so do your homework!

5) Pick a location that speaks to you and your client

Your inspiration for this will come from your brand board, but be sure to choose a location that is totally inline with your style. For me this was a no-brainer, as I'm constantly drawn to the woods and nothing says adventure and freedom, like very large trees! Research different locations near you, or perhaps you make a small trip to a city nearby. A few of my favorites include: coffee shop, home office, garden, high rise building, Airbnb rental, park, woods, the beach or your favorite store.

6) Get in the zone - exude confidence

Mentally prepare yourself for the photoshoot. You need to be as relaxed as possible, and taking some time leading up to the shoot is so essential. Have your wardrobe, makeup and hair details flushed out at least a week before the shoot is scheduled to take place. Now spend the next week focusing on your inner beauty and brand coming out. You want to seem natural, approachable, confident and on top of your sh*t with your photos, so spend some time getting into that mindset.

7) Candid photos are the way to go

Yes, I encourage you to go into your shoot with poses in mind, but the true masterpieces come from the candid moments. This is why all of the above is so important. Having all of your pieces in place before the shoot, allows you to JUST HAVE FUN with it. I highly recommend bringing a spouse, your kids or friends to make you laugh and chat with you during the shoot. The results from these moments are priceless.

Branding and Business Coach
Branding and Business Coach

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. She works with her clients to dive deep into their story so they can create a brand and message that positions them as an expert and allows them to create their desired income to free up time in their schedule for what matters most. Learn more >>