7 Tips for a Well-Branded Photoshoot


Learn how to have a well-branded photoshoot for your personal brand in just 7 steps

Having a well-branded photoshoot is so important to have a cohesive representation of your business across all platforms. It's all about consistency when you create an online brand and your photos are an excellent way to make that happen - not to mention photos are the single best way to convey emotion!

Below I've included my top seven tips to have a well-branded photoshoot.

1. Have a completed brand board

You don't want to go into your photoshoot without having a clear picture of your brand, otherwise you will just be paying more money for another shoot in a few months. I ALWAYS have my clients create an inspiration board for their brand. I highly recommend you start with Pinterest or Google to collect photos that mirror your branding and pull from those to create a finalized inspiration board.

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2. Be clear on your top descriptive words for your brand

For me my top three words are: adventure, freedom and warmth. Think of your top three words, which should be evident in your inspiration board. You want those top three words to come through in everything you do during your shoot. Pick outfits that exude your three words, select a location that matches your three words, you get the picture. Here are a few photos from my shoot, so you can see for yourself how my three words come through.

3. Pull inspiration from others

You will tell by the end of this blog that I absolutely love Pinterest, it is such a great resource for business owners. I recommend you turn to PInterest again for inspiration for your photo shoot. Use the search bar to find photos that match your brand and style - choose photos that resonate with you.

Some of my favorite search words are: family photos, branded photoshoot, lifestyle session or free people. Below is a copy of my board I used before my shoot. You will send this to your photographer before the shoot so they can get an idea of exactly what you are looking for.

4. Research your photographer

It is so important to find a photographer that matches your style. I was so lucky to find Jacob Laofman years ago and truly admire his work. When choosing a photographer look at their past work and make sure their type of photography, lighting and coloring matches your brand. Be sure to ask for reviews and perhaps a consultation, if you've never worked with them before. Remember this is an investment so do your homework!

5. Pick a location that speaks to you and your client

Your inspiration for this will come from your brand board, but be sure to choose a location that is totally inline with your style. For me this was a no-brainer, as I'm constantly drawn to the woods and nothing says adventure and freedom, like very large trees! Research different locations near you, or perhaps you make a small trip to a city nearby. A few of my favorites include: coffee shop, home office, garden, high rise building, Airbnb rental, park, woods, the beach or your favorite store.

6. Get in the zone - exude confidence

Mentally prepare yourself for the photoshoot. You need to be as relaxed as possible, and taking some time leading up to the shoot is so essential. Have your wardrobe, makeup and hair details flushed out at least a week before the shoot is scheduled to take place. Now spend the next week focusing on your inner beauty and brand coming out. You want to seem natural, approachable, confident and on top of your sh*t with your photos, so spend some time getting into that mindset.

7. Candid photos are the way to go

Yes, I encourage you to go into your shoot with poses in mind, but the true masterpieces come from the candid moments. This is why all of the above is so important. Having all of your pieces in place before the shoot, allows you to JUST HAVE FUN with it. I highly recommend bringing a spouse, your kids or friends to make you laugh and chat with you during the shoot. The results from these moments are priceless.

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Branding and Business Coach
Branding and Business Coach

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