Personal Branded Website: 3 Must-Have Pieces to Grow Your Audience

Personal Branded Website: 3 Must-Have Pieces to Grow Your Audience 

Personal Branded Website: 3 Must-Have Pieces to Grow Your Audience | Brandmerry | Branding and Business Coach

Today I'm gonna talk to you about your home base, also known as your website. One thing that I wanna get out of the way in the very beginning is that, you do not need website to start selling. You do not need a website right off the bat. Too many entrepreneurs spend hours and days and weeks and months (if you're like me) building this beautiful website, doing this beautiful launch, and then you're just expecting people to come. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work out that way.

However, when the time does come of you to create your website, when you're feeling really grounded in your story and your messaging and your ideal client, I wanted to give you three things that are definitely needed on your home base.

1. Your Story

This is not going to come as a shock. I literally want your story on every single page of your website. So, on my website, you can find out more about my story on my homepage. I have a whole entire page dedicated to my story. On every single product or course page, you know a little bit about me. It's also integrated into my blog, as well as all the different moving parts of my website. There's a reason for that. It's because as online entrepreneurs, we want to build trust. We want to make friends with our ideal client. There's no faster way to do that, than sharing your story, sharing your truth, so that people feel like they already know you and get you and understand you right away.

There are so many different ways to do it. I always recommend having a solid page dedicated to your story, and I don't hold back with my story. I love going into beautiful, beautiful detail and taking my clients on a journey, which I think is very very important. But sharing it on other pages can be very small. You don't have to go into great, great detail, but it's really important to always have something about you, who you are, your truth on the different pages of your website.

2. Consistency 

So, we're building on this whole trust factor, right? We want our audience to trust us from the get go, that is what allows them to invest. Not only in themselves, but also in our businesses. Consistency is really important, because nothing breaks trust than inconsistency. In the online entrepreneur world, if you're a service-based entrepreneur, you probably know about lead magnets, which we're gonna be talking about in just a second.

One of the key things we talk about is, if you're running a Facebook ad, and you're sending people to a landing page, you want the ad and the landing page to be consistent. You don't wanna break that trust. Well the same goes with your website. If someone lands on your homepage, and then they go to a work with me page, it needs to be consistent. And then they head over to the blog, continuing that consistency. So, you're taking your ideal client on a seamless journey around your website. Leaning more and more about who you are, what you have to offer, all of the fun little resources and things that you put together for your audience.

A couple key ways to do that are through choosing your fonts, being consistent with your colors, being consistent with your photos, and being consistent with your emotions, which I talked to you about in the last video. If you haven't watched that yet, go ahead and watch it right here. You will understand a lot more about emotion after watching that video. But that is going to help you choose these pieces that allow your brand to be consistent. The other piece that people sometimes miss out on, is their messaging and their copy. So, making sure that your language and your voice is very consistent on the different pages all through your website. And a little bonus tip, do yourself a favor and just carry over that consistency onto social media as well.

3. Call to Action 

Some sort of engagement. We often miss out on this on our websites. With the way social media is working today, if you were utilizing Pinterest, you're getting traffic onto your website, people are finding you via Google, maybe they're finding you through your Facebook group, a Podcast that you recently did, right? People are finding us all different ways online, that we really wanna give them the opportunity to continue learning from us, to continue building that trust and that connection with each other.

I always recommend on every page, yes, I said every page, there is some sort of call to action on your website. I'll give you a couple of examples that I absolutely love. On my homepage,, I have two of my top free resources, and a way that people can connect with me in Authentic Brand Builders. So, they can join my email list, and join my private community. On my story page at the very bottom, we have a call to action for a freebie. One of my top freebies, and to work with me.

Obviously, on a work with me page, the call to action is work with me. And on my blog, on every single page, I even have some sort of free offer. So, I am giving my audience tons and tons of value and giving them the opportunity to continue building this relationship off of the website. You wanna have a way to capture your audience, keep and build their trust, and then carry on that relationship so it can lead to future sales. It's really really important. It could be something as simple as a workbook or a PDF. Here's a video I recorded on finding the right free offer for you

But what I highly recommended you do, is give away a gift. Give something of value, something that is totally on brand for you, but don't just ask for an email address. I really believe gone are the days of saying, "Sign up for our newsletter." People want an email with value, right? If they're gonna give away their email address, which we all know is like writing someone a check, right? Our emails are very important to us, we want to give them something in return. Do yourself a really quick favor, put together a PDF or video or something that's really on brand, plaster it on your website, giving them the opportunity to continue to learn from you, and build that relationship and connection.


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