What to Include In the About Me Section of Your Website


Besides the actual services you offer, the About Me or My Story section of your website is hands down the most important piece! Why? Because it's all about the trust factor when selling your services or products and if people don't know a single thing about you, besides your title, they definitely aren't going to trust you.

The key to an About Me that resonates with your audience is sharing your story (are you surprised I said that? probably not!). While, in the past, it might have been a place to copy and paste your professional bio, it is now an excellent platform to share your why, purpose and the nitty gritty about your story.

If you want to see a more in-depth explanation of How to Uncover Your Story go here >>

But just to recap:

1) Identify the three major transitions or chapters of your life (this is your new About Me).

Writing your About Me section for your website doesn't have to be overly complicated, it's just storytelling right? I'm sharing with you the three key pieces to uncovering your story and six ways to make your About Me section become a top converting page on your website!

2) Identify the connector between your transitions (this is the theme or general message of your About Me).

3) Identify how you want your audience to feel when reading your About Me (this helps you determine where to add emphasis and what photos to choose).

The general setup of your About Me page should clearly explain, to your audience, where you were, where you are now and how you got here. It is designed to inspire your audience, relate to them on a very personal level and show your vulnerability so you can begin to build trust.

Your About Page should be at minimum 2-3 paragraphs touching on the important points, but I have found a longer, more descriptive story really captivates your audience. If you want to check out an example go here  >> READ MY STORY

Aside from sharing your story, there are additional key pieces to include to make sure your About Me turns into a high-converting page on your website:


This is the first opportunity to grab your audience with a beautiful tagline and photo, that clearly represents your personal journey.

Photos of you throughout

This allows you to give a visual representation of your journey and to have your audience feeling something. This is one spot on your website where the photos don't necessarily have to be professional because a more personal feel does better.

Bolded text

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to highlight the parts of your story that are VERY important and you want your audience to remember. What could you share that would have them clicking for more? Always just assume your audience is spending 15 second on your webpage (cause that is totally the average) and you want to tell them a great preview with your bolded text.


An excellent place to add your hook, you know the thing you do for your biz, is near the end. If you follow the structure of storytelling and pain a picture of where you were, your transitions and finally where you are now, you set yourself for an amazing opportunity to share your business.

Call to Action

Your About Me is an excellent resource to transition people to your services or products. Add a simple banner or button to the bottom of your story giving them next steps. Here is an example of mine

Branding and Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs


Don't overlook this opportunity to get people on your list. Remember, you've been sharing your truth and if they are still reading at this point, they probably already trust you at some level or at the very least want to learn more. Not only are you growing your list, but it's someone who already knows your story - major win!

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Michelle Knight of Brandmerry.com. Branding and Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs.

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