Four Ways to sign coaching clients into your one-on-one program


Filling your client roster, even when just starting out, doesn't have to be difficult. I'm sharing the exact four steps that led to my first $12k in my business and has allowed me to sell out my 1:1 package everytime it opens for enrollment.

In August 2016, I had already given my notice at work and had yet to sign a single client into my brand new coaching program (yes, I'm ambitious like that)! So I can totally relate to the feeling of uncertainty if you will ever sign that first, or second or maybe even third coaching clients.

If this is you, I want you to know that each of the strategies I'm sharing below have helped me grow my coaching business, and sell out my 1:1 program every time the program opens.

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Sure this might seem like a strategy you've learned before, but have you ever thought of a free session as a funnel?! I didn't think so. When you offer a free coaching session you are basically turning a cold lead into a hot lead and here's why. They are getting a real taste of what it is like to work with you and see results, and nothing screams "I have to hire this person!" like instant results. 

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This is a very niched down approach to the free coaching session. Choose a topic you focus on in your business and offer a 20-minute assessment. I love to offer these in my own community, but also other platforms like Pinterest, FB Groups and Instagram. I recommend doing these on a time limit so their is a sense of urgency and have your scheduling set up so they can book instantly. Again, you are helping your prospective client solve a problem, leading them to gaining tons insight and seeing the value in your work.

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Rather than always thinking you have to have a funnel to a small priced offer (aka passive income) you can funnel cold leads to your 1:1 program. You might be thinking, but how? And the key is storytelling! By expanding your funnel a bit, providing value like crazy and sharing more of your personal journey you are building the trust factor through your funnel. When you go to talk about your 1:1 program at the end, the focus is on their story, how you relate to it and how you can help them reach their desires. It's a powerful way to instantly sign clients, but also a way to plant the seed about your program so it's always in the back of their mind while you continue to nurture them.

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Being a guest expert is an excellent way to expand your reach! Again, we are talking story and value and starting the relationship building process. What is so amazing about being a guest, is that you are getting in front of a new audience, and sharing your knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend, having a free offer (see above) to provide so you can get viewers on your list. This strategy has worked for me numerous times in signing 1:1 clients.

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Branding and Business Coach

Branding and Business Coach

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