How You Can Sign 3 Clients in the Next 30 Days


How You Can Sign 3 Clients in the Next 30 Days


Improving Your Confidence in Sales | How to sign 3 clients in 30 days | via Brandmerry Blog

The doors to Roadmap to Freedom are open, and the biggest objection I receive is that women tell me it’s not the right time because they can’t find clients.

So today, I want to help you move your business forward so you can sign 3 clients in the next 30 days. Before we dive in, I want you to know that you’re not alone; it’s scary to invest, I’ve been there and so many of my clients have been there too.

To support you in feeling amazing about your next investment (because investments are necessary in your business) you need to stop downplaying your business.

Stop downplaying the services you offer.

The second you dive fully into what you do and take your business seriously it will take off.

Now, let’s get into these tips.

1. What you're currently doing that isn't working:

Inconsistent promotion

Your very inconsistent with what you’re offering and how you’re sharing that offer with your audience. If you want to sell, you have to be consistent with your promotion. Your audience needs to hear it 7x on average to take action.

Not clear on offer

It’s not that you don’t know what you offer, but you’re not clear on why your offer supports your ideal client - why they need that offer right now. I want you to know your offer so well that you could sell it to your mom or someone who’s definitely not your ideal client.

Don't fully know your audience

When it comes to selling, you have to know your ideal client like they are your best friend of 25 years. You have to know what they’re struggling with, present your offer in a way that fixes that struggle and gives them the desire to buy.

No urgency

If someone thinks they can sign up later, why would they sign up right now? There has to be that urgency. This can look like special pricing, special bonuses, cart closing, etc.

2. It's not working because…

  • Your audience thinks they can just take action later.

  • Your audience isn't hearing about your offer enough. I want you to put your offer our there at least 7 times. Research shows people need at least 7 touchpoint before they join.

  • Your audience can't see the benefit. Everything you create needs to be benefit driven.

3. What you need to do:

  • Become clear on your offer and how it supports your audience AND you need to write down the RESULTS they will receive if they follow what you’re offering them.

  • Create a plan to consistently promote your offer. How are you going to show up and consistently promote that offer? How many times per week? Where are you going to show up? How are you going to present your offer? You need to be talking about your offer at least 3 times a week. At least.

  • Add urgency to your offer. You’ve got 30 days to sign 3 clients. That means your offer ends in 30 days period :)

4. 3 Actionable Tips

1) Offer an assessment for your business

Assessments work because your audience is coming to you, and you get to show them what it’s like to work with you.

2) Use video to promote and encourage DM's

Live vide is an excellent way to connect with your audience and talk about your offer, give guidance and encourage people to message you.

3) Create a free offer direct to your paid offer

This is for the action takers. By this stage, you should know your paid offer so well, so now you can create a free offer that leads them to the paid offer.

You have all these big desires for your life and right now it feels like you are being pulled to something more than your current story; your current situation. This is just the beginning for you. We go over all this and way more in so much more depth in my program Roadmap to Freedom.

Just like you I had a desire to...
 Leave the 9 to 5 life for good (goodbye to a life of shoulds)
• Travel the world and not have to ask for permission to make it happen
• Work from a laptop, wherever and whenever I damn well pleased (yes, vacation, but more importantly next to my son while he plays)
• Exceed my 9 to 5 income without having to sacrifice the life I had created + live a life greater than I had ever imagined before


Roadmap to Freedom

Roadmap to Freedom is a 6-month group coaching program for the new female entrepreneur who is ready to launch an online business that allows her to make money on her own terms.


↠ What would it feel like to have all those missing pieces laid out for you? 

↠ To be able to pick and choose the ones that work best for you, your life and your business? 

↠ To have the support to ask questions & brainstorm having someone who has been exactly where you are now helping you dig deeper than you could ever do on your own? 

↠ How would it feel to create a life that allowed you to work with location independence; to travel, to take off when needed and not ask permission? 

↠ How would it feel to have the time to do the things you truly enjoy; to go to yoga, to spend time with your child to go on dates with your husband? 

↠ How would it feel to have financial freedom to be able to pay off debt, to be able to live a life that doesn’t revolve around paycheck to paycheck?

All of this is possible for you, and I’ve got the roadmap to support you in making it into a reality.

If you are feeling that pull for more, for something different, I encourage you to learn more about the program or join here:

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