How To Use Masculine and Feminine Energy in Your Branding

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How To Use Masculine and Feminine Energy in Your Branding

How to use masculine and feminine energy in your business and branding 

When I started this entrepreneur journey I didn't even know what masculine and feminine energy was, and maybe you're in that same boat. So today I'm sharing how you can use it not only in your business but your brand as well. 

What is masculine and feminine energy?

Masculine energy is rooted in action taking, goal setting. They're big doers, competitive, direct and problem solvers. A lot of entrepreneurs lead with their masculine energy. 

Feminine energy is rooted in intuition, community, feelings, collaboration and creativity. What is really important when understanding masculine and feminine energy is you need both of these things to create a strong business. So you have to first identify where you are, what you lead with and what you need more of. 

I lead with my masculine side in both business and life. There became a point in my business where I recognized that, so I found a mentor that would help me tap into my feminine side. And it's really changed my business completely. 

Which do you feel like you lead more with? 

How Masculine and Feminine Energy Plays a Role in Running Your Own Business 

We lead with one over the other, but the other one is still there. So what we need to do is bring the other one out more.

If you're more masculine, how can you add more flow and creativity to your business. Something that I started to do to bring out my feminine energy was dancing and yoga to bring out that flow. Also, mindset work brings out that feminine energy as well. Allow your feelings to come through and surrender or detach yourself from the how. Also, vulnerability and playfulness are so, so important in feminine energy which is something that played a role in my personal life once I had my son.  

If you are more feminine, then you need to be really clear on your goals, time block, scheduling so you can balance that creativity with action taking. Where can you add in more structure and strategy? 

How it plays a role in your branding and content creation to attract your audience

I don't see people talk about this too much, but it comes up all the time. And if you can think about your audience, what they need and what pulls them in, it's really really powerful in branding. The person on the other end has these energies too, they are human, they have layers as well. So if you ever feel like your brand it attracting two different people, it's actually the two different energies which is good. 

If you can see which energy your audience leads with, tap into that and add in the energy they desire in your branding, you'll attract those people. Talk to people not only where they're at, but where they want to be. Create that experience and content that speaks to all pieces of your ideal client. 

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