Top 7 Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read

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Top 7 Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read

August 9, 2018

Today, I'm sharing the top 7 books that have impacted my life and business. I highly suggest every female entrepreneur take the time to read these books to advance her mindset and business.

In honor of #NationalBookLoversDay I'm sharing my top seven books that are must-reads for female entrepreneurs.

I've got to be honest, I was never much of a reader unless you count the occasional hopeless-romantic Nicholas Sparks book I read on vacation. However, all of that changed when I became an entrepreneur. I became obsessed with learning as much as I could around mindset, running a business and moving through my biggest block - perfectionism.

When I say these books completely changed my life, it's an understatement. Through these books I've been able to:

↠ Revamp my mindset around money and my ability to make it.
↠ Own my own story and start to move through my blocks around perfectionism.
↠ Embrace my vulnerability and use it as a strength when running my business.

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My Top Book Recommendations For Female Entrepreneurs

1. you are a badass at making money

I highly suggest you listen to the audio of this book because Jen Sincero is seriously hilarious with her delivery. This was one of the first books I was introduced to and would listen on my 9 to 5 commute. 

This book gave me the a** kicking I was looking for to start making significant changes in my life. Jen has such a witty way of holding a mirror up to your current life and situation and gives you the tools and shifts to start feeling, thinking and acting differently.

*Find it here >>

2. daring greatly

What can I say about Brene Brown - I mean I seriously love this woman. She's changed my life with the resources and insight she provides through her work. For my entire life, I've struggled with perfectionism, but it wasn't until I started diving into her books that I realized how this had been holding me back for years.

This is only one of Brene's books you will find in this list, but Daring Greatly supported me in truly embracing my vulnerability and empowered me to start sharing my story with the world.

*Find it here >>

3. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

I remember flying through this book in January 2017. I was going through an unexpected money situation in my business (i.e., taxes were due and I didn't know what I was doing just yet) and needed some mental support and clarity around moving through my fear of not having enough $$$.

Right off the bat, Denise Duffield-Thomas mentioned she was a Virgo, I was hooked. I loved her approach to manifesting and the actionable steps she taught. I implemented all of them right away and continue to do the work from this book monthly. In fact, anytime I'm feeling a money block I re-read this book (which has been more times than I can count ;))

*Find it here >>

4. You Are a Badass At Making Money

Another one of my favorites around making money is from Jen Sincero; I told you I love this ladies style. What I absolutely loved about Jen's book was how she addressed the stories around money; the ones we've learned from our parents, friends and society in general.

This was one of the first times I really started to question the idea of money and my ability to make it in my business. If you're struggling with old thought patterns around money, this is a must read.

*Find it here >>

5. The universe has your back

The description of this book says it all, "Transform Fear to Faith" and this book does just that. Talk about an emotional book to really address the way fear was running my life. As someone who lived most of her life constantly afraid of what could happen, this book was a gift.

My favorite part of this book are the actionable steps and questions Gabby Bernstein gives you so you can actually do the work. This definitely isn't a book you'll want to just fly through; seriously do the work and you will be truly changed.

*Find it here >>

6. How Rich People Think

I'm not going to lie when skimming this book, in the beginning, I was reluctant to read it. However, when I finally got over my need to be thoroughly entertained, I dove in and was blown away by the work of Steve Siebold.

It gives you an insider look at how rich people truly think and shows the thoughts, habits and philosophies of the wealthy. It's another top book that introduced me to the idea that making money has more to do with mindset then I initially thought.

*Find it here >>

7. The Gifts of Imperfection

I have to close out this list with another one of my favorite's from Brene Brown, seriously check out ALL her books! In this book, Brene introduces the idea of Wholehearted living and addresses the shame, authenticity and worthiness that comes from struggling with perfectionism.

If you are a recovering or current perfectionist and you read one book, let it be this one. Through Brene's work I was able to start fully stepping into my worthiness and authenticity and as a result my business and the trust I was building within my community expanded.

*Find it here >>

I'm currently reading *Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis so be sure to follow me on Instagram for an update on that! I always love expanding my library so let me know in the comments some of your favorite books!

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