How to Host an Online Challenge to Grow Your Community With Ease {Video Inside}

How to Host an Online Challenge to Grow Your Community With Ease

How to Host an Online Challenge to Grow Your Community With Ease | Branding and Business Coach | Brandmerry by Michelle Knight

Today I'm talking about how to host and online challenge to grow your community with ease, and the reason I love challenges is because it allows you to give massive value to your community in a shorter time frame. They can follow your challenge and already see results in such a short time, which builds connection and trust. It's amazing strategy and tool to not only grow your community, but also nurture and develop your community. 

The first challenge I did was a 7 day video challenge. Everyday I would post a video and ask a question and from that I offered free calls. Now at the time I had about 10 people in my community and only half were participating in the challenge. However, some of those people booked calls and one of them turned into my very first coaching client. My latest challenge grew my list by 400 or 500 people in just a two week promo period. The reason it did so well is because I was talking about something that people really needed to hear. 

Sit Down and Write Down All of the things you are most excited about right now

This is the very first thing I do when I'm getting ready to host a free challenge. You need to come up with a topic that you're freaking excited to talk about. It doesn't matter if someone else just did a challenge on a similar topic or if you think you should be talking about something else. If you're not excited about it, the challenge isn't going to perform as well as it could. You need to be excited because you're going to be showing up regularly, so you need to be excited. I always recommend writing down the things that are relevant in your business right now. So maybe you just got your first client and you can teach strategies that will help people land their first client.

Once you have a list of possible topics, ask your audience with a poll which topic they would like the most. This will not only create buzz around your challenge, but help you finalize your topic. Then you can even go back to the people who voted and invite them to the challenge. Some of my very best challenges came from me asking myself "What am I excited about right now?" 

Be specific

The more specific you are the better. If I see a challenge, and I think they are going to cover way too much, I won't sign up. Same when it's a 40-50 day challenge. I'm a mom, I know I can't commit to a challenge that long so I just won't signup. One of my challenges is about honing in on your story. I'm not covering all of branding in the challenge, I'm only talking about your story, so free challenge to uncover your story gets people more excited than if I said free branding challenge. So when you're thinking of your topics, get really specific. 

The Planning Phase

This is the biggest piece of the puzzle. I go through the list below when I'm planning out my challenges. 

  1. Topic: What is your topic and why do they care? This will be your title. 
  2. Map out your challenge and break down your days. Is it 5 days? 3 days? I typically do 5 days because that makes the most sense to me. Once you decide how many days the challenge will be, write down what you're going to talk about each day. This is important because it helps you when you're promoting. It also sets your bullets up for your landing page which is so important because people want to know why they should sign up. Then fill in the gaps. What pieces do you need to fill in? Is there an emotional component? Do you need a guest speaker? 
  3. Create a landing page/opt-in page, so you can grow your list and also see if your current list is interested in your topic. You can create landing pages is MailerLite, ConvertKit, GetResponse, etc. 
  4. Create a Thank You Page. Typically for this I just invite them to the place the challenge is happening and keep it really simple. I don't normally do tripwires for challenges because I want it to be super valuable. I also use Manychat on my thank you page, so they can sign up for free reminders. 
  5. Welcome email. This can be really simple, but you just need to send them an email when they sign up to give them the logistics of the challenge. Another thing to include is how you will deliver the content, so people know where to show up for the challenge. 
  6. Promote your challenge. Give yourself about 2 weeks before the challenge starts to promote your challenge. People need time. You need time. This is so important. Give yourself at least two weeks - no less. 


This is easy. Show up and do it. I love live video, but you can also record video and post it. You can also do an email challenge. I love video, and I think it's the best because you can start building trust right away. You can do videos on your Facebook business page, in your Facebook group, on Instagram live, etc. You can also do a pop-up Facebook group which I'm doing for my newest challenge. Make sure your title is really strong, tell them what they're going to learn, and then show up. I typically leave my content for a couple days and then delete the content, so I can repurpose it. 

How to amp up your challenge 

If this is your first challenge, please don't try to incorporate all of this. But the more you can show up and remind them about your challenge, the better. 

  1. Host a pop-up group specifically for your challenge
  2. Run Facebook Ads
  3. Boost your videos
  4. Add Manychat Facebook Messenger Reminders
  5. Add a cool prize component (ex. If they comment everyday, they get a free coaching call at the end of the challenge)

You can watch the whole video for a more in-depth version of this and several bonus tips below!

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Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

Branding and Business Coach | Branding Coach | Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

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