How to Discover Your Niche {video inside}

How to Discover Your Niche

How to Discover Your Niche | Build Your Business and Brand | Branding and Business Coach Michelle Knight | Brandmerry

Today I'm really excited to share with you my top tips for coming up with a business idea and how to niche down in a way that allows you to attract your dream clients and standout online. Before I dive into my tips, I want to share with you about an upcoming master class that I have. It's on five simple steps to create an authentic brand that allows you to grow your community with ease and leads to more clients. For more information on the upcoming time, checkout this link:

1. Look at your story

Tip number one, which is my favorite thing to freaking talk about and it's about really looking back at your story. Really looking back at your life and seeing, "Hey, are there any signs about what I could continue to do, what I could build a business around?" This was really powerful for me in my business, because my background and education was in communication, it was in advertising and public relations. When I looked at the pieces that I really enjoyed among all those things that I had done, the branding element really stood out to me. Then it was the piece of my story after identifying what had really happened in my life on a personal level that it became clear that I wanted to really empower women to show up as their authentic selves. To not be stifled, to create a life and a business that resulted freedom.

So, for you what is it? What can you look back at your story, look back at some major transitions of your life and say, "Whoa, I really feel passionate about that. I really feel like I could create that into a business." Often times, everything we need is already inside of us. It just takes a couple minutes to look inward and say, "Oh, yes, that is important. Oh yes, I love that," and then put the energy towards actually making that happen.

2. Come up with a list

All right, number two, I want you to come up with a list of ideas that you have based on your story. So come up with a list of ideas of things that you could teach or you could guide other individuals on to create a business around. Then from that list I want to see if anything pops out for you. Are you getting really clear on who you actually want to attract to your business? 'Cause this is such an important part of niching down that often doesn't come until later in people's minds, but I want you to focus on it in the beginning.

What pieces of your story, what parts of the list are telling you, "Hey I want to work with women. I want to work with women who want to leave their nine to five. I want to work with the new moms." Right? Can you start to get an idea of the person that you want to attract to your new brand and your business. So that's step two. Listing out all of the possible things that you feel passionate about that you can share, that you can build a business around and are any of those pointing to a type of woman or man that you want to attract to your business.

3. Making the connection

Step number three, I call Making the Connection, but you might also consider it Narrowing the List Down. So what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at your list and maybe for a couple of those connectors, like a couple of those points you're like, "Whoa, I want to talk to the same type of person for each of these," and that's what we're going to look at. We're going to look at how can these be connected. Are there maybe five things that really point you to creating a business around branding? Are there three points that tell you really want to help individuals with mindset? Are there some parts of your story that keep popping up around marketing strategies? Looking for the consistency in that list and the things that keep popping up that pull your attention to that one topic.

This is how we start to niche down, because as humans we can do so much and many of you watching right now as entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs probably have so many talents and it's really hard to bundle them all up into one specific thing. But by focusing on it this way and kind of niching yourself down into more of a generalized theme allows you to focus on those different pieces. If marketing is popping up a lot, then you know that your niche is most likely marketing. If branding is popping up a lot, it tells you, "Hey, we need to focus a little bit on branding." And then, you also have the steps that you need to say, "Oh, I want to focus on branding and I want to help this particular person with the branding process." And that right there, the what you do and the who you want to attract is the most important of niching down.


My bonus tip for you today is that you can really build a business around anything. It's about being really specific and clear what it is that you do, who you want to attract and how you market yourself to them. I have a video that I did earlier this year on messaging, so go ahead and click that, make sure that you watch that video, it's really, really important. That is the next piece after niching down and finding your ideal client. But remember that there are so many people in the world, and you truly can create a business for a particular audience, for your target market and know that whatever crazy idea ... They seem crazy now, I have seen crazier in the online space when it comes to business ideas. So feel good and feel grounded and what idea you have and know that it is possible for you.

I really hope that those tips were super helpful for you. If you want more of a workbook style, I do have a really cool niche workbook that has helped thousands of women. You can download that here:

It's all about niching down and it'll walk you through this entire process, which is going to be so valuable for you, especially if you are just now thinking of starting a business. In addition, don't forget to join me for the Five Steps To Creating An Authentic Brand masterclass, which you can join here, and that's going to be really powerful for you, because I'm sharing what my journey has really looked like from working nine to five busy mom to creating a six figure business in just a year of having my coaching business, and I'm going to be sharing those steps for you. I'm all about simplicity.

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