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Something I'm really good at is identifying the brand story in female entrepreneurs, and what I've been hearing a lot from my community is, "Okay, well, once I identify that brand story, how do I then connect my brand to my audience?" So today I wanted to talk to you about two simple steps that need to happen in order to do that. I love simple, so let's break this down, shall we.

Your brand means nothing if it doesn't clearly communicate with your audience. You can have the most amazing brand that shares your personal story, but if you audience doesn't feel a connection then they won't be inspired to take action. In today's blog I'm sharing how to tap into your brand story to connect with your audience in a way that leads to brand visibility and consistent sales.


Number one, is you've really gotta feel rooted and grounded in your story, and I love to actually give my brand story kind of a persona, and for a lot of us, it's us. We are our brand. But if for someone reason you don't have a personal brand, then go ahead and give your brand a personality.

I encourage you to identify the purpose, mission and value of your brand. For example, my brand values freedom, authenticity, honesty and transparency. Those are some of the core values of myself and of my brand, and I love to get that through in everything that I do in my business.

Now, the purpose of my brand is to really empower women to share their story through authentic branding, to show up as they are, and share their voice, their message with those that need to hear it most. Then we could say that my mission is really, again, to not only empower women to uncover their story but also own their story so that we can create a ripple effect of women just owning their shit and getting shit done.

So, that's really my brand, and you can see that when you give those pieces, the values, the purpose, the mission; then your brand becomes so much more. That's what I really want you to take away from anything I talk about in regards to branding. Your brand should be so much more than just what we typically think about when we think about branding, right, logo, color, font.

So, number one is to really identify the values, your purpose, the mission, any other key pieces that you want to throw in there as well, so you feel really solid in who your brand is. Not just what, but who your brand is.

#2 Know Your Audience

Now, the second piece of the puzzle, because we're talking about how do we connect our brand to our audience, is knowing your audience. You can't begin to connect with your audience if you don't actually know what your audience values, what your audience is struggling with, what your audience is really looking for and what inspires your audience. These are all really important pieces, and honestly allow you to not only connect your brand, but to come up with amazing content effortlessly, as well.

So, you want to start thinking about your audience at this point and time. Once you feel rooted in your brand and you've looked inward, then it's time to kind of look outward and do the market research. But after you've done that, it's about really identifying what your audience needs in this moment.

So, what are they struggling with?

What pieces of your story will connect with your audience?

And it's not always everything in that moment. When I started my business, I shared very little about the birth of my son. I talked a lot about struggling with my 9:00 to 5:00. I talked about my son being present, but I didn't necessarily go into all the details of the vulnerability and the mindset and all that stuff because it just didn't resonate with my audience at the time. As my audience has grown and my mission has grown, now I openly talk about vulnerability and dealing with perfectionism, and how that resulted in an 80-hour labor. Yes, an 80 hour labor.

So, you can see that this is going to change. It's not saying that you can't share every piece of your story, but it's identifying which pieces to share in that moment, how best to connect with your audience, how best to inspire them to take action, because no matter what it is that you have a business around, whether it's health and wellness, life coaching, business coaching, branding, maybe you're an accountant, maybe you're into marketing, you're a virtual assistant, it doesn't matter. You really want to be able to connect with your audience, and ultimately you want your audience to take action.

Don't be afraid to ask. You will be surprised how much amazing content you can get from your audience, which will only allow you to better connect your brand to what they really need most, and as a result, they will take action.

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Branding and Business Coach

Branding and Business Coach

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