Create a Morning Routine That Works for You


I can’t stress enough how important it is to begin your morning with some sort of routine. A morning routine sets the tone for your entire day and I honestly believe makes it easier to handle whatever life may throw at you.

While I was working my 9 to 5, I made it a point to complete some part of my morning ritual every single day. It wasn’t always easy, sometimes my son cooperated and sometimes he didn’t, but I was always sure to do some part in order to get my day started in a positive, energetic way.

Now that I've left my 9 to 5 and have more time to dedicate to my morning practice, I’m able to spend about an hour on my morning routine, but that came with time and definitely didn't happen overnight. I want you to remember one of my favorite quotes as you read further into this blog post, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

There will be days when you can only do one thing on this list, and that is fine. There will be days when you are able to complete every single thing your heart desires, and that is fine too. The point of a morning routine is to connect with yourself, if even for five minutes and live your day with purpose.

create a morning routine that works for you

I’ve included my top seven things to create a morning ritual with, but remember to create the routine that best serves you where you are in your life:

Journal - Take just 10 minutes every morning to journal about what you are currently facing in your life. I encourage you to not look ahead, but simply address what is happening in your life this very moment. Some of my best ideas have come from journaling first thing in the morning.

Meditate - If you are new to meditation I don’t want the word, meditation, to scare you. Think of this as a listening practice. Simply sit, count your breaths, listen to what the Universe has in store for you and be still. Every single morning I begin with a simple meditation, whether that be laying in bed, sitting on the porch or in the shower. Just taking at least five minutes to be still can make all the difference.

Walk/Yoga - Begin your morning with a brisk walk or morning yoga routine. Walking is an excellent morning routine if you have children or a fur baby. It gets your blood and thoughts flowing and if you are like me and always looking for ways to maximize the time, I suggest taking this time to add in some self-reflection.

Reading - I highly suggest reading/listening 10 minutes every day to inspirational books. Some of my favorites can be found here. When I was driving to work every morning I would use that time to listen to my books on Audible - like I said I’m all about maximizing my time.

Hot Beverage - This is such an amazing routine if you are short on time or as an added addition. There is something so soothing about enjoying a hot beverage first thing in the morning. For you if may be coffee, hot water with lemon or tea. I personally love a hot soy chai in the morning - there are very few things that make me feel so energized and ready to take on the day.

Visualization - The practice of visualizing is excellent in taking your mindset work up a notch. I started incorporating visualization a little over a month ago and have seen major progress in my mindset work. I want to emphasis progress because this technique requires regular practice. I like to take two minutes and visualize an outcome I’m looking forward to (think number of clients signed, a celebration dinner or money in the bank). The point of this exercise is to visualize the end result - really be there!y

Gratitude Practice - There is nothing better than beginning your day with immense gratitude for everything you have. This is also a great practice if you are strapped for time. Simply list five things that you are grateful for in that moment - that’s it. I also like to incorporate this into my nightly routine, as a way to close out my day.

The ideas above are just a few of the ways you can really maximize your day right from the start. Create a routine that fits you, exactly where you are and prepares you for the day ahead mentally, physically and spiritually.


Michelle Knight

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