3 Steps to Release Your Fears

3 steps to release your fears

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear" -Jack Canfield

The other day I had a moment of absolute fear. It was so consuming that I called my husband in tears. After a long talk about what was holding me back and him reassuring me that he believes in me with all of his being, yeah I got super lucky with him as a partner, I felt better, but drained. Why was I continuing to let fear control parts of life? I've been fighting this battle for years and even though I continue to release it, it seems to sneak back in.

The next morning I was getting ready to meditate and pulled one of my motivation cards. I pulled the "Invite Fear Over For Tea" card. I've pulled this card before and was about to put it back when I felt called to keep it out and make it my focus for the day. What came up for me over the next twenty minutes was life changing.

During my meditation I decided to write a goodbye letter to my fears. I proceeded to write in my journal the following letter.

Dear Fear,

I see you, I hear you and I don’t want you any longer. It is time to hit the road and release this hold you have on me. I’ve been walking in tandem with you for years and we just can’t be connected any longer. I don’t need you anymore. I don’t need you as a crutch any longer. I’m ready to do it with my whole heart and soul and I just can’t do it with you around.

There was a time when you actually brought a little comfort to my life. When I could count on you/blame you to get me out of situations I wasn’t 100% sure of, but now you are consuming me. We have been together too long now and I’ve become dependent on you.

I know you’ll never leave on your own so this is my final goodbye. I’m releasing you to never find you again. This isn’t temporary, we’ve done that before, this is permanent. It’s time for drastic change and I’m ready physically, mentally and emotionally to release you from my soul.

It’s time for me to stand alone, free from fear and put myself and my talents out into this world. It’s time to live freely.

No longer yours,

Michelle Knight

3 steps to overcome your fear

Here is the thing about fears, we all have them. It's how we choose to react to them that dictates our lives. Are you hiding in fear? What are you holding back from because you are afraid of the outcome?

I've created a list of the top three steps to release your fears. Seriously don't wait another minute to say goodbye to your fears.

The immediate release I felt after following these steps and releasing the fears that have been paralyzing me for years felt like nothing else. Is it easy to release them, absolutely not, but it is worth it. Yes, you may have to repeat steps 1 to 3 multiple times in your life, but each time will get easier and you will come out stronger than before.


Three steps to release your fears:

  1. Get to the core - journal with the intention of asking yourself Why Am I Afraid? and I’m not talking the first answers that come to your mind - you have to explore the underlying fears and where they are coming up and why.

  2. Pinpoint Where they are holding you back - Take those fears and pinpoint exact moments in your life where those fears have held you back. Relive those moments and connect on an emotional level. I want you to feel those fears so you can finally come to terms with how toxic they are.

  3. finally Release them - verbally, emotionally and physically let it go. Verbally - Say “{INSERT FEAR} I release you and the hold you have on me." Emotionally - Feel it in your soul that you are free of this fear and the emotional hold it has on you. Don’t just say it - Believe it! Physically - I encourage you to physically release the hold fear has on you. My favorite ways include burning your fear (although I’m not responsible for damage so please practice safety) and writing a letter.

If you are serious about releasing your fears and getting to the root of what has been holding you back, it is time to get help. In my 90 Day Passport to Freedom program we uncover what fears and limitation are holding you back from reaching your life of freedom. Uncovering your fears is just as essential as getting your sales funnel in order, and dare I say more important. You can't possible go forward in your business without doing the dirty work and digging down deep. I'd love to support you on this journey >>

Be Merry!

Michelle Knight