4 Steps to Improve Your Brand Consistency Online


Brand consistency is super important - why? Because it is all about brand recognition and brand recognition my friends is crucial in the online world because it builds trust with your audience and ideal client.

Brand recognition is important because it build trust among your community and trust results in more business for you and your brand. Learn 4 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your brand consistency online

When you are not consistent you are breaking trust with your community and when you are breaking trust your bank account with feel it - just sayin!

So what can you do about brand consistency. The first thing to do is check and see where your personal brand is showing up online. It's important to be aware of what social media accounts you've already created a do a little audit on how on brand they truly are. The second thing to do is to choose two platforms to focus your attention on. Don't try to stretch yourself too thin, instead build your brand and community quickly and then move to another platform.

Alrighty, now on to the 4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Brand Consistency Online

1) Your Images & Colors

Whether you are just starting out or not, it is important to have a database of branded photos to choose from. If you are in a place to hire a photographer then amazing, but if you are like me, when I was starting my biz, and the thought of getting photos taken makes your skin crawl then use my little trick. Go through old photos and collect images that have a similar look and feel. For example in the beginning of my business I went through old travel photos and put together a collection that had a similar look and feel and used them when posting online.

Tie your brand colors into your images for a super consistent flow. Color is important because it is what people see and ultimately what first grabs their attention (especially mid scroll on FB). Choosing colors that not only resonate with you, but also make your audience feel something is going to help you standout and build a following online.

Stock photos are another amazing resource and I've put together a fun blog of my favorite sites here: https://www.brandmerry.com/theblog1/my-top-free-stock-photo-resources-to-match-your-brand

2) Your Hook

Ah your hook is the single best way to tell people what it is you do and who you work with in a simple two sentence intro. Your hook is also a super easy way to make sure your title, etc.. is clear on all platforms. For instance, I share my hook before every live video, at the bottom of my blog posts, on my profiles, etc... And because I REALLY like you, here are the 6 questions needed to create your hook:

What is your name?

What is your title?

Who do you work with?

Where are they in their business/ what are they struggling with?

What is the #1 thing you do or are known for?

What is your ideal clients desire?

*See my hook below for a clear example*

3) Your Engagement

The reality is your audience needs guidance when it comes to engagement. You have to constantly ask your audience questions, give them a call to action or prompt them in some way to consistently engage with your brand. This is the first step, but the second piece of YOUR brand consistency is how you engage back with them. Showing up on a regular basis and commenting on your social media posts, blog posts, answering questions in a live stream, etc... is going to help build consistency and trust with your brand.

4) Your Topics

One thing I get asked a lot is how do I write something different for my email, social media, blog, live streams, etc... and the answer is "You don't!" There is absolutely no reason you need to come up with new content for every platform, every single day (you will burn out fast if you do). In fact, it will improve your brand and your overall voice if you are sharing the same topics and information on multiple platforms. Consistency in your messaging and copy allows you to become an expert in one area, rather than "ok" in a bunch! 

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Brand and Business Coach

Brand and Business Coach

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