Saying Goodbye to my 20's - the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful


Today I say goodbye to my 20’s.

Although it occurred over an entire decade, the transition of going from a child to an adult almost felt like an instant.

My 20’s were full of transformation, discovery, love, exploration and serious heartache.

They were a time when I completely transformed not once, but twice into the woman I am today.

As I say goodbye to my 20’s I wanted to reflect on what this decade of life has meant to me, where I was and where I am today in the hopes you will understand that you have the power to write your own ending, and that the chapters you’ve closed in the past can ultimately be your most power asset.

My 20's began with heartache and loss.


When I was 20 my best friend, and younger brother, was diagnosed with cancer. When I was 21 I had to say goodbye to him as he lost his battle just one year later. I was lost, depressed, self-destructive and literally didn’t know how to handle myself, but I did. I figured it out. I picked myself up, I started taking care of myself, in honor of my brother, and I focused on what I truly loved.

And as a result I fell in love with his best friend.



Love, could be the word that sums up my 20’s - not just love for another (shout out to my absolutely amazing husband), but also love for myself (more on this later). Falling in love with Ben was the beginning of my transformation. I learned what it was like to surrender, to trust, to rely on someone else for support and guidance, to admit when I’m wrong - although I'm still working on this one - and how to just live. My love of traveling and adventure was reborn in my 20’s and I had the best partner to share it with.

In my 20’s I also recognized a desire inside myself to share my journey with the world, to impact others and ultimately transform lives. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but the itch had started.

I experimented with a design/ home decor blog.

I experimented with a lifestyle blog.

I worked in PR.

I went back and forth to waiting tables, multiple times.

I was unemployed, right after getting married.

I landed my second favorite job - working in nonprofit.

I literally felt by 27 I had experienced more than most people my age had, and all the ups and downs that came along with it.


Then at 28 I gave birth to our son.

I think I always knew becoming a mother was going to change me, but I never imagined the birth of my son would be my rebirth as well.

After a labor that left me exhausted, insecure, depressed and ultimately wondering who I was, I started to build myself back up.

I saw myself differently.

I had an awakening inside to focus on my spirituality in the form of meditation and listening to my intuition.

I started to accept and love myself for who I was (new baby bod and all).

I blossomed into the role of a mother.

AND I followed the desire inside to transform the lives of others by starting my own business.

Within the last year of my 20’s I’ve watched as a business idea I had, while laying on the couch with my newborn son, blossomed into touching thousands of women, and supporting my family.

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been so freaking scared, I’ve felt so freaking abundant - but I’ve never felt so alive.

Through building, launching and running a successful business I’ve become the woman I’ve always envisioned myself to be. The woman who could be truly free.

I’ve picked myself up off the bathroom floor after losing my brother; looking in the mirror and saying “You’ve got this - you have to!”

I’ve walked down the aisle to say forever to my very best friend, making the biggest commitment of my life.

I’ve stopped crying long enough when I was unemployed to remind myself that I won’t settle for a job I don’t love and believe 100% the best one is on it’s way.


I’ve been through an 80 hour labor, brought life into this world and awakened something inside of me that I didn’t even know existed.

I became vulnerable. I accepted my imperfections.

I kept going when it felt like I had risked it all to build a business that could just end up failing.

My 20’s were a time of making sh*t happen, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

They were a time of picking myself up, believing in myself, transforming, life and ultimately LOVE.

Your story, the one we sometimes want to run away from or hide, is so beautiful. And not matter what chapter you may be in at this very moment, know that you have the power to write your own ending.

You have the ability to create a life of abundance and freedom.

As I enter my 30’s I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds for my family, my business and ultimately for me and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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