4 Must-Haves for a High-Converting Landing Page


4 Must-Haves for a High-Converting Landing Page


4 Must-Haves for a High-Converting Landing Page | How to create a landing page | online marketing landing pages, landing page design | Brandmerry.com


Free Offer.

Lead Magnet.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, there is ONE thing they all have...a landing page where you collect their information. The reality is a well-structured landing page can make or break your free offer. After all, we can’t see all the amazingness of your gift if we don’t opt in.

Typically you want to try and have a landing page convert at 32%, although I frequently work with my clients to convert in the 50-70% range. There are four key pieces that are going to increase your conversions and taking the time to map out your landing page and getting as specific as possible with the content you’re presenting is key in doing just that.

To support you here are the four key pieces!


When someone lands on your landing page it is from an outside promotion and nothing hurts conversions more than breaking trust. Whether you are organically promoting your free offer on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest or running ads it’s important to keep the following pieces the same:

  • Photo

  • General esthetics

  • Title of your free offer

Keeping these key pieces consistent will help in the overall conversions and increase the likelihood that someone will follow through with signing up.


The first thing someone will see when landing on your page will be your title. I highly suggest keeping it at the top of your page, followed by an option to opt-in, gives all those people ready to take action an opportunity to do just that.

Don’t be afraid of a long title, sometimes those are the best because they really tell your audience what they are going to get with your free offer. That’s the key with a title that converts, spelling it out for your clients so there is no guessing.


Following your title, your bullets are the second most important piece of your landing page. If someone doesn’t opt in from the very beginning what else do they need to know in order to say YES? Exactly what they will be learning.

Don’t deny the power of a simple, “With this training, you will learn:” It’s one of the easiest ways to draw attention to what your audience is looking for. Create bullets that are very descriptive and outline the benefit for your audience.


You should have ONE, I repeat one, call to action on your landing page. Do not include a link to book a call, join your Facebook group or follow you on Instagram; all of that comes later. We want your audience to come to the page and complete the one action we brought them there for.

Be sure your buttons are clear, contrasting in color so they stand out and have a clear call to action; including “Sign up here!” “Grab your free gift!” “Yes, I want in!”

BONUS TIP: Have at least two calls to actions on your landing page to give people an opportunity at the top and bottom to opt in.

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