Episode 08 | Defining Your Own Freedom with Kate Killoran


Defining Your Own Freedom

Free to Be Podcast | Episode 08

Episode 08 | Defining Your Own Freedom with Kate Killoran, business automation, free to be podcast, how to automate your business | Michelle Knight Branding and Business Coach

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kate Killoran about all things freedom. We’re getting deep into her own journey into entrepreneurship, one I think so many can relate to and her key takeaways in creating her own freedom.

Kate’s sharing a behind the scenes look at her own journey and sharing some of her favorite tips around automating her business. Not to mention you guys, her Golden Nugget on SEO is amazing, especially if you don’t have a current audience. It’s SO GOOD!

I’ve never heard this tip before and know it is going to be super valuable to all my entrepreneurs.

This week on the podcast I’m also sharing an exciting FREE training happening Tuesday, November 13 on Bringing Your Brand Story to Life: 4 Essential Steps to Follow for a Thriving Brand and Business.

Learn more and get signed up: brandmerry.com/novembermasterclass

Things we talk about in this episode:

• Kate’s super relatable journey from corporate life to creating her own business and the steps she took to get there.

• What it’s really like when you need a change every couple months and how to start saying YES to those small steps that will lead you to a bigger purpose.

• The reality around feeling guilty for pursuing your dreams and how Kate’s tried to get away from people pleasing in life and business.

• Why everyone’s story to entrepreneurship looks different and why that’s ok.

• How to handle when people don’t agree with your decisions.

• Kate’s favorite tips for automating her business and her clients.

We talk about a lot on this episode and there are so many little nuggets I can't wait for you to walk away with.

Kate Killoran

Kate Killoran is a growth strategist for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. She takes business' stories, visions, and energy, and creates unique growth strategies, utilizing SEO, Google Ads, and Pinterest Ads, to cater to your audience with today's authenticity-driven world in mind. When you find yourself overwhelmed, and need that one-stop resource to grow your brand - Kate's it.

Kate is also the founder of the Build Your VA Resume Course, a 4-week online skill and confidence building course created to better serve the entrepreneur community. This how-to DIY course is available beginning on December 1st of this year. Registration doors open + early bird pricing officially begins on November 15.

Grab Kate’s Top 3 SEO Tips Freebie: katekilloran.com/top-3-seo-tips


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