3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas


3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas


3 Questions to Ask When You Have So Many Business Ideas | What to do when you’re multi-passionate, how to come up with a business idea | Brandmerry.com

What do you do when you have all these amazing ideas in your business? This is something all of my clients have been struggling with this week. They have so many ideas, and because of that, they aren’t taking action on any of them. I see this a lot in the online space and something I believe I’m really good at is action taking. How to take action and when.

There are 3 main questions I want you to ask yourself when you’re having a lot of ideas. These questions will help you navigate through your ideas and decide which will benefit you the most at which time. The reality is if we’re trying to implement all of them at once, they won’t be as good.

1. How does this idea actually feel?

Ask yourself where this idea came from and is it coming from a place of inspiration or a place of “oh I have to do that to be successful.” Is this something you are doing because someone else is doing it, and if so, how does that feel? Find out if it’s something you really want to do or if it’s something you feel obligated to do. Is this coming from a place inspiration or a place of desperation?

2. Will this move the needle forward?

We have to constantly be doing things that are going to keep expanding our business. We have to constantly be thinking about that end result. What are you going towards? Is what you’re doing now helping you get to that end result? Or is it just going to take up time and energy? If this is just adding more to your plate, and it’s not going to move the needle forward and help you get to that end goal, it’s not something you need to focus on right now.

The biggest block I see is that people are afraid if they don’t do it now, they won’t ever have the opportunity to do it. But you can decide at any moment what you want to do. Your ideas can happen at anytime. Just because we don’t take action on something right here, right now, doesn’t mean we can’t come back to it when the time is right.

3. What needs to happen to make this idea come to life?

This is a big thing. We sometime forget to direct what needs to go into our ideas. I believe there is value in putting energy and love and attention towards something, giving it our all, to make sure it works. So you need to ask yourself “what does my time look like?” Do you have the time to be doing it right now? What are the things that need to happen and can you make space for that to happen right now?

Once you’ve asked yourself these 3 questions, you can really decide if this is a business idea you should start right now, or if it’s time to take action right now. You have to be really honest with yourself. But the biggest thing is ripping off the bandaid and taking action. Once you’ve made the commitment, and you know what you need to do to implement your new idea, you need to TAKE ACTION.

And if you’re still struggling, do you know what your end goal really is? You have to be really clear and where you want to end up, so you can decide which pieces to focus on now.

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