3 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong With Your Brand and How to Fix Them

3 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong With Your Brand and How to Fix Them

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I'm really excited about today's content because I freaking love branding. Whether you are in a place where you already created your brand or a place where you haven't even started yet - this is for you. And all of the things I'm talking about today I've done, and that's why I'm sharing them with you. I thought "if I'm having a hard time doing this, and I understand branding, I'm sure others are struggling as well." 

1. You Don't Believe It

You don't believe that your brand, your business, what you have to offer, is actually worth it. This is a big deal. If you're going to go through all the effort of building a brand and doing all the things, you have to believe in what you have to offer, and I mean really believe. If you don't see that what you have to offer is worth it, your "ideal" client isn't going to see it either. 

The first thing I want you to do is look at your brand or the brand you want to create and ask yourself "do I really believe it?" I like to say that branding is the heart of your business and the logo and aesthetic is just the cherry on top. This is why I focus a lot on niche work because it is through your niche work where you really discover what you have to offer and why what you have to offer is the best. It's about really loving everything your doing with your brand and being excited to share it. 

2. Believing if you build it they will come

Just because you build something does not mean people will begin pouring in. Just because you build a website does not mean you'll start getting clients. How do they even know about it? This is where visibility comes in. This is also why the website and the aesthetic stuff isn't the most important thing that you do or the first thing you should do. I like to say a website is the home base of your brand. If you don't know what you do and who you serve and your niche and all of those pieces then a website doesn't matter at all because you are going to have to redo it all once you have all that figured out. You need to be focused on visibility first and having all of those key pieces in place. 

I would even suggest that one of the first aesthetic pieces of your brand be branded photos. When I got a photoshoot, everything changed. The posts were now getting comments and likes and people saying "I love what you're doing!" 

3. You're boring 

You're not making people feel anything. It's like having a conversation with someone who is watching TV. There's no depth or feeling with your brand. Your brand should make people feel something. It's not enough to just look pretty or sound pretty. You want people to read your copy, look at your site, look at a photo and think "I get this. I need this." You need to have an emotional component with your brand and this starts with your story. What do you want your audience to feel and think and do? 

I want you to go look at your brand and ask yourself "what do I want people to feel? What do I want people to associate me with?" Make people feel something. 

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You can watch the whole video for a more in-depth version of this and several bonus tips below!

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Branding and Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

Branding and Business Coach | Branding Coach | Business Coach | Michelle Knight of Brandmerry 

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