How to Hire Team Members for Maximum Support in Your Online Business

How to Hire Team Members for Maximum Support in Your Online Business

How to Hire Team Members for Maximum Support in Your Online Business | Outsourcing, when to outsource, how to find a virtual assistant | Brandmerry

Today we're going to talk about outsourcing - hiring your team and building your team, and I know how scary this can be, so I'm going to share my own experience.

I really struggled with outsourcing in the beginning. It took me a really long time to add people to my team, and the biggest reason for that was my perfectionism. Yes, I can use this as an advantage at times, but how do I keep it from running my business full-time?

From July 2016 to about May 2017, I did it all myself. But then I came to the point where I started to get more clients, my son was now one and a half and I felt a need and desire to focus on certain things in my business that were in my zone of genius and let go of the others.

Fears around Outsourcing 

I had a lot of objections at first. What if they do something that doesn't go with my brand? How will I find someone I can trust? Can someone do it as good as I can? What if they mess up? Etc. And what I've found was the majority of my objections were driven by my perfectionism. 

I first made the dive with one specific area and that was Pinterest. The second thing I did was lead pages, landing pages, so I started to dabble and see the benefit of having team members. I started to realize that if I could outsource the things not in my zone of genius and was able to focus on visibility and my clients, I would be able to bring in more money. 

Another big fear for people when it comes to outsourcing is the investment. I had this fear because I knew I could do it myself, so why do I need to pay someone else? But I had to look at what I was ultimately investing in and that was my bigger mission, which I'm able to get to much more quickly when I have a team. Why create a business around freedom if you're constantly strapped to your computer. You're investing in your business, in the bigger picture. 

I would love to hear your fears or concerns around outsourcing. Comment them below!

My top recommendation on what to outsource first

Before you hire, you want to make sure you know exactly what you want to outsource, and your journey is going to be even easier if you are crystal clear on who you are, what it is you provide and who you provide it to, so when you do hire out, you can pass all of that stuff over. And remember there is going to be a learning curve. 

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "when do you know it's time?" and I truly believe that if you're doing something in your business and you're like "ugh I don't want to do this" then it's time. There's always going to be something to outsource and it's going to be different for everyone. 

I believe you should start small and then continue to hand over more tasks over time. You are stepping into the position of CEO and there's a shift that happens in your business when you hire a team and suddenly we experience beautiful growth and it's very powerful. Outsourcing isn't about "I don't want to do this." It's about wanting to be supported in your business, so you can grow. 

So what should you outsource? 

  1. Social Media - this is what I recommend to all my clients. For example, I knew I wanted to be on Pinterest, but I didn't have the capacity to add another thing on my own. So I hired someone, and I've never touched my Pinterest, but that's where the majority of my website traffic comes from. It's also easy to outsource social media because you can still control the content - they can repurpose blog posts, emails, etc. 
  2. Tech - I love tech, so this took me a little longer, but that's not the case for everyone. There are people out there who can setup a whole funnel in half the time that you can. I also recommend a bookkeeper or accountant.
  3. Design - This is another thing I felt comfortable in, so I just started outsourcing that, but there are so many designers out there that will knock your socks off. Good graphics can make you a lot of money! This can be workbooks, social media graphics, your freebie, etc. 

Write down everything you do in a week, then go back through the list and pick out the things you love doing and circle the things you despise. Those are the things you need to outsource. 

In addition, although it's not something we think of right away in our biz, I highly recommend investing in legal for your business to protect all your hard work and dedication. Having a Client Agreement is so important when contracting team members. Learn more about this important document from Christy Westerfeld here >>

Where to find team members

  1. Ask your entrepreneur friends. If you have a mastermind you are apart of, ask them. Get recommendations from people you know. 
  2. Ask in Facebook groups. This can be a pitch fest, so if you want to avoid that, be very specific in the type of person you need. Tell them to put recommendations below and say "please no messages." This way people can post and you can have a ton of options to look through, but your inbox isn't being filled to the brim. I love to see who's recommended. I immediately check out recommendations first.
  3. Upwork - this is great for single projects and getting your foot in the door. You can also find these people in Facebook groups as well and just slowly build that relationship. If you have a single job or just want to test the waters and see how you do handing work over, then Upwork is a great place to start. 

If you’re looking for support in your business here are some of my favorite ladies to support you.

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