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5 Must-Do Activities in Iceland (Especially if Traveling With Kids)

5 Must-DO Activities in Iceland
(especially if traveling with kids)

September 27, 2018

Iceland is such a beautiful place, full of so much natural wonder and the perfect opportunity for a little R&R and grounding. We explored this beautiful country with our 2.5 year old toddler and in today’s blog I want to share some of my top kid-friendly activities in Iceland, how we book our accommodations and my #1 must-have travel necessity while traveling as a family.

Oh Iceland, you have my heart! I’ve never seen something so mesmerizing and untouched. It’s such an amazing place to visit for a little R&R, listen to Episode 4 of the Free To Be Podcast for more on this, and a great place to visit with kids.

I wanted to share my top 5 must-do activities in Iceland, how we book our accommodations and my #1 suggest for all traveling mothers. It’s important to note that we traveled the second week of September, which is considered Winter in Iceland, but the weather was amazing.

With six full travel days we opted to not do the entire Ring Road and rather split our time between the North and South of Iceland, traveling through the East (feels like a description of Game of Thrones). It is possible to do the Ring Road in that amount of time, but to really enjoy your time and take advantage of that R&R I mentioned before, I recommend picking some main focuses.

I hope this post inspires you to plan your own trip to Iceland.

1. GeoSea Geothermal Sea Baths

I am so glad we found this little gem tucked away in Husavik. It had only been open about a month, when we visited in September 2018 and as a result, we truly had a one of a lifetime experience. Visiting a geothermal bath is a must do in Iceland, but it can feel overwhelming thinking of the Blue Lagoon (major tourist destination) especially when kids.

Ben and I are true believers that you can do, almost anything, traveling with kids that you would do without. The GeoSea Baths were amazing, and entry for kids was completely free and they offered us floaters for Cal at no extra charge.

My top 3 favorite things about the GeoSea Geothermal Sea Baths were:

  • The view: Seriously I loved that I could look out over the ledge and see the water, it was such a beautiful view, watching the ships come in and out of the harbor and seeing the endless sea (made it feel like a true infinity pool).

  • Swim-up bar: Need I say more? There was a smaller bath with a window to the bar, we didn’t even need to get out of the water. It was definitely a nice perk since we spent almost 3 hours there and girl needs a refreshment.

  • Private: While we did visit pretty early on after they opened, we loved that it wasn’t crowded. It felt like our private little secret

2. Thingvellir National Park

BEAUTY - There is no better way to describe this National Park then just that, beauty. We loved our drive through Thingvellir, which is part of the Golden Circle, taking breaks along the way and enjoying brief walks for some amazing photos. One of the things about Iceland is the driving, and with views like this, it’s so freaking worth it.

I highly recommend carving out about 2 hours to drive through the National Park, giving yourself time to fully explore the beautiful landscape that is Iceland. We did this on Day 2 of our trip, after staying near Vik.

3. Seljalandsfoss

Waterfalls are a major obsession of mine. I fulfilled my dream of swimming beneath a waterfall in Costa Rica back in 2015 and while visiting Iceland I was able to walk behind a waterfall! It was so beautiful to see it from every angle and even get to stand near the base (something I highly recommend).

Some things to note:

  • If traveling with kids, I highly recommend a carrier of some kind, as a stroller is basically impossible. More on my top recommendation below.

  • Wear boots, as the ground is slippery and you want some traction. In fact, I highly recommend just wearing boots EVERYWHERE in Iceland.

  • Have a jacket or coat. When we visited Iceland in September it was pretty warm, compared to the temperatures they typically have, so a light windbreaker worked great for Ben and I added an extra fleece layer to feel a little more comfortable. What you definitely want is something waterproof to protect your clothes while viewing the waterfall up close and personal.

4. Godafoss

We also visited Gullfoss Falls, but Ben and I both agree that Godafoss has our vote because of its accessibility. This was a great stop on our way back to Akureyri and allowed for a beautiful walk up the right side of the falls. It’s super picturesque and gives you such a beautiful view of a powerful natural wonder. Overall, we really loved the North of Iceland, an area not visited by many if not doing the full Ring Road.

5. Hverfjall

Iceland with Kids

Ben and I visited Oregon in 2014 and fell in love with Crater Lake, seriously guys if you haven’t been it’s also a must-see! When visiting Iceland we had the opportunity to visit another crater minus the lake and it did not disappoint. Hverfjall is located near Lake Myvtan, while you’re there just make a day of it, and the hike to the top of the crater provides a beautiful view of the area.

It is definitely a hike, so plan on at least 20 minutes to get up, longer if you’ve got a 36-pound toddler on your back, what can I say I love a good challenge.


Speaking of a toddler on my back one of my must-have travel necessities as a parent is a baby carrier. We said bye bye to a stroller while traveling and in Iceland, it’s just going to be a hassle as most places you want to visit aren’t stroller friendly. We always bring our Lillebaby All Seasons to accommodate Cal and make traveling a little easier. This is most likely his last trip in this carrier, but it still my #1 recommendation for traveling mommas.


Iceland with Kids

We are big fans of Airbnb and typically use it for the majority of our rentals. We love the space it provides, another must for traveling with kids. Use our code to save $40 off your first rental

Bonus Tip #1: If you can stay on a working farm in Iceland, I highly recommend!

Bonus Tip #2: Find a rental with a hot tub, it will not disappoint.

I want to know, have you recently visited Iceland or planning a trip?

What are your must-sees in Iceland. Head to my Instagram and leave a comment on my photo!

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Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. I created my own business just after having my first baby and while working a 9 to 5.

Within one year I left my 9 to 5 and created a 6-figure business. Now I spend my days as a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs, raise my little boy and travel the world with my little family of 3.





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Colorado Getaway



If you are a regular to the Brandmerry blog, then you know all about my love of traveling. If you don’t know my story, be sure to check it out here. Traveling has always been a top priority for me; even before my husband and I started traveling together I had already visited seven countries on my own.

Traveling opens up so many possibilities because it takes you out of your comfort zone, forces you to adapt and by default you begin to grow. I know for a fact that my story and the person I am today has been shaped by the experiences I have had the privilege of having throughout my travels.

When I became pregnant with our son so many people told us we should get it out of the way now. For some reason they had this idea in their heads that when we have kids your ability to travel, learn and explore go out the window. Well to that I say Hell No! Seriously, who came up with this idea. Traveling with our son has been even more exciting than it was before and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

My husband and I know traveling is essential to learning and growing and want to teach our son the same mentality. Because of this we have already taken three adventures with our son before he was even 9 months old. Together we have explored California, Chicago (check out the blog post here) and Colorado, next up Europe with a visit to Belgium and Amsterdam.

Traveling is so much a part of who I am that it was the driving force behind starting this business. I want to be able to travel the world as much as I can, whenever I want. I also want to show other women and especially mothers that it is possible to travel with your children and create a job that allows you to do so.


We booked an impromptu trip to Colorado in July. I was daydreaming, as I typically do on a Monday, and came across some seriously cheap airfare. Minutes later it was booked! As with all of our trips we book our accommodations through Airbnb, and once again our rental did not disappoint.

We spent our evenings in Boulder, CO, but our days exploring the beauty around us. Here is a snapshot of our impromptu getaway to Colorado.


  • Twisted Pine Brewery
  • Native Foods (we seriously visit this everywhere we go!)
  • Avery Brewing Company
  • Flatirons
  • Mountain Sun Pub
  • Eldarado Canyon (a hidden gem in Boulder)
  • Leaf Restaurant (delicious vegan brunch)
  • Taj Indian Cuisine

Estes Park:

  • Estes Park Brewing Company
  • Estes Park Tram
  • 6 mile hike (yes 6 miles!) to Bridal Veil Falls

Colorado Springs:

  • Garden of the Gods
  • TRiNiTY Brewing Company

Would love to hear your favorite places in or around Boulder and Denver - I definitely see another trip in our future.

Travel: Weekend Getaway to Chicago

It is not secret that traveling the world is something my little family holds very dear. Early on, my husband and I made it a top priority to see as much of the world  and to immerse ourselves in as many cultures as possible as well. Since we began our journey together in 2009, we have visited:

  • California 
  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Puerto Rico
  • Chicago (although we totally lived there too)
  • New York
  • Italy
  • Michigan (twice)
  • Ireland
  • Oregon
  • Costa Rica

And have plans to visit Colorado, Belgium and Amsterdam this fall. Like I said we love to travel! When we became pregnant with our son, so many people told us to get it out of the way while we could - and to that we say 'Yeah Right!' Traveling is such a big part of who we are and we feel it should be the same for new family. Since Cal was born we have already taken him on his first plane ride to San Diego, he was a champ by the way, and this past weekend marked his first road trip to Chicago. 

As part of a new series on the blog I want to share a glimpse into our lives as we travel the world. Some will be shorter posts like the one to follow and some will be multiple posts as we share our adventures overseas. My goal is to show you some of our favorite spots to visit and to help you realize that it is totally possible to create the life of freedom you desire.

*Disclaimer: I am not paid for any of my opinions or any recommendations I make in my blogs. They are just some of my favs.

Chicago: June 2016

Chicago Travel Tips

We will take any opportunity we can to go on vacation, so when I saw on Facebook that Chicago was posting their first Vegan Food Festival I jumped on the opportunity to visit the beautiful city we once called home. Although Ben and I started our journey together in St. Louis, where we both were born and raised, we credit Chicago for completely changing the course of our relationship and really shaping us into the people we are today. 

Chicago was Cal's first road trip and although not completely smooth sailing, he handled it like a champ. I don't think we realized when having kids that I would probably be spending long trips in the back of the car keeping the little's entertained while my husband looked like a chauffeur driver.

After our little five hour drive we made it to our hotel in Chicago! Although, disclaimer you will totally realize as we share more of our travels that we always get lost, somewhere, somehow, it happens. But we learned early on that getting lost is half of the fun (wait till you hear about the Aran Islands in Ireland :))

Chicago River - Travel Tips

We traditionally are an Airbnb family, but opted to stay in downtown Chicago to be closer to the festivities. We stayed at the Swissotel and absolutely loved it - the views were amazing! For three days we explored the city and made it a point to visit some of our favorite dining spots:

Whenever we travel food is usually a top priority and we weren't disappointed. We also spent a good chunk of time at the vegan festival on Saturday, although very hot we had a great time and enjoyed some delicious beers!

Chicago was definitely one of our shorter trips, but as with all vacations it is nice to just get out of the norm and explore!


We are planning another trip to Chicago within the year and would love to know your top recommendations? Share in the comments below!

Travel Tip: I'm loving Trivago for booking hotels and as always TripAdvisor is my go to for reviews.

Chicago travel tips

Be Merry!