What is Branding and Why Does it Matter?


learn exactly what branding means for your business and why it is so important to stand out in your industry

I absolutely love branding, but as much as I LOVE it, it didn't come easy to me early on in my business.

In fact, the very first website I made took almost five months to make and the end result was NOTHING like what I imagined. Sure I had done it myself, but I got so wrapped up in what everyone else was doing and what their brand's looking like that I lost myself in the process.

When I became a coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs I knew I wanted a major part of my services to be centered around branding.


Because when you start thinking about branding as so much more than just aesthetic, you are able to create a truly authentic brand that stands out in your industry.

I knew when I launched my new web series, I had to make the first episode all about branding.

I'm covering exactly what I've found branding to be and how you can start building your authentic brand with just three key pieces!

The amazing thing about starting with your story is that as your business grows bigger and bigger, you don't have to a freaking re-brand every single time!

When you take the time to lay the foundational pieces, you create a brand that is so on-point to who you are and your purpose that it doesn't have to be changed to keep up with your success.

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