My Top Free Stock Photo Resources To Match Your Brand


Free Stock Photo Sites to Match Your Brand

You've probably noticed by now my branding is a little different from what you typically see in the industry. If, you are new here feel free to take a look around so you know what I mean!

Well, I struggled hardcore in finding stock photos in the beginning that would match my branding, so much so I just avoided it.

However, as I've grown, I've needed to rely on stock photos to create a cohesive look for my website, blog and social postings and that has led me to finding some truly kickass sites for getting stock photos.

In true fashion I wanted to pass along the information for you to incorporate into your own branding. 

Disclaimer: The sites listed below are advertised as free sites, but please check to make sure for yourself and give credit to the photographers when necessary.


Pexels offers a wide rage of photos, often very warm and rustic. There search bar makes it easy to type in keywords and find photos that easily relate to your brand or topic of choice.


For the entrepreneur who LOVES to travel this site is a must for truly beautiful adventure photos. You can even find photos specific to a certain location in the world - pretty cool!


They have a very do whatever you want mentality for their photos which makes it easy to share on multiple platforms. Not to mention their photos are often ones you don't see used time and time again.


Not only are the photos gorgeous, but the story behind this website and the creator makes you want to help spread the message. Although new photos are not added regularly, due to the unexpected passing of the photographer, it gives you the opportunity to share someones beautiful work and donate to a worthwhile cause.


Magdeleine is an amazing resource for the well-branded entrepreneur because it allows you to choose photos that match a particular color palette - can you say jackpot?!


Raumrot gives you the opportunity to choose a category and then simply access a set of photos associated with that category - making it simple to put together photos that compliment your branding.

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Branding and Business Coach

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