PART ONE: My Top Tools for My Business That Allow Me to Automate More and Work Less


Top Tools to Automate Your Business So You can Work Less and Make More

I'm all about being able to work from wherever - in fact since launching my business I've been able to travel to Europe and California all while still being able to run my business from afar.

In fact location freedom is just the third part of the Freedom Trifecta (copyright coming soon ;)) When you have all these pieces: Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Financial Freedom, you are golden.

One of the key pieces to achieve location freedom is automation! When we were on vacation in California this past month, I was able to take coaching clients, but also know that my emails, blog posts and social postings were on automate and ready to get in the hands of my community.

So, today I'm sharing part one of my favorite automation tools with all of you.

**Disclaimer: I've marked the tools that I am an affiliate for with a little *, so I can be super transparent with all of you. However, I totally use these tools for my own business and love them, hence why I'm an affiliate.

Ok, now on to the tools! 

17 hats* - New automation, invoicing, contracts, questionnaires and bookkeeping

I use 17 hats for multiple parts of my business, but hands down my favorites are bookkeeping and questionnaires. Bookkeeping has made my life super easy, because all my accounts a streamlined with 17hats, allowing me to just run a report at the end of the quarter to see profit and loss. I utilize the questionnaires for weekly check-ins with my clients AND to capture new leads and automatically add them to my database.

Zoom* - Client calls (both 1:1 and group), trainings and discover calls

Zoom is a multi-leveled tool for my business, but I absolutely love it for my coaching calls. You can set up a meeting in Zoom (whether one time or on a set schedule) and set the recording automatic for your meetings, cause I'm constantly forgetting. I also love it for webinars!

Buffer - Social media posting to private group, business page, personal accounts and Twitter

A no-brainer and a free option as well, but super important for automating social media. I love Buffer because it is easy, affordable if you want to upgrade and allows me to schedule my posts across all platforms, including my private community Authentic Brand Builders, giving me more time to engage in other groups on Facebook and increase my visibility.

Convertkit* - Email marketing, funnels and opt-in lead pages

When I started my business I used Mailchimp as my CRM and I recommend it to my new clients if they aren't ready to invest in their email marketing platform just yet. However, I switched over the Convertkit when I wanted a platform that allowed me more tools to tag my clients, automate my business and create landing pages. Rather than having to invest in a separate platform for capturing leads, Convertkit allows you to do it all in one space (and save some serious money in the process).

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