That Mindset Woo Woo Stuff

It's time to get real with you - I'm pretty woo woo. Yes, I love to burn incense, I thrive off a deep yoga class and meditation, I believe that if I dream it I will manifest it and yes, I've burned my fair share of sage when things seem a little off-kilter. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

yoga and meditation are great mindset practices

This woo woo stuff, that so many people make fun of or don't find value in has seriously CHANGED my life. Not only has mindset work opened up my soul to endless possibilities, but it also reaffirmed deep down that I am capable of anything. Feeling centered in myself and connected with the energy of the universe has helped me realize that I am destined for so much more than what I thought was "expected" of me.

You know that aching feeling in your soul that you were destined for so much more? That feeling you get when you realize you are just coasting through life? It hurts, right? When you have these feelings, it seems as though someone has placed a heavy weight on your chest, you have trouble catching your breath and there is no way you will ever be upright again. I know those feelings cause I've been there.

I wouldn't be writing this post to you today, building my new website or developing my new 90-day coaching program, if I had not decided enough was enough.

Enough of just coasting - Enough of feeling drained - Enough of feeling unfulfilled - Enough!

When I finally admitted to myself that I was destined for so much more, shifts immediately started taking place. I started to feel lighter, to feel capable of anything and started to feel FREE.

Your mindset practice is so important to not only the success of your business, but also to your life - in case you forgot, you only get one so you better stop wasting it.

There are endless ways you can shift your mindset:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Long walks
  • Connecting with nature
  • Through music
  • Fueling your body with great foods
  • Creating
  • Reading

And I encourage you to do whatever lifts that heavy weight off of your chest and opens your soul, but my favorite by far is creating a vision board. There is something so, dare I say, magical about seeing what is possible. For me a vision board helps me truly put myself in that life I so deeply know I deserve.

Do the mindset work

In case you still don't believe me that mindset work is the real deal, let me paint you a picture.

In December, I faced another major shift in my life and recognized this deep desire that a change was needed. I had just given birth to my son and quickly found myself not just wanting, but needing, more. I could recognize this shift because I had welcomed yoga and meditation into my life a year earlier and knew deep down this was not a calling I could just overlook.

I began listening to mindset books, podcasts, webinars, guided meditations, anything I could to become clearer on what this calling was. Over the last six months I have completely transformed my life, feel clearer than clear on what my calling is and am living my life of freedom.

In June I decided it was high time we put up a vision board in our home. I had printed out some visuals, but they just sat on my dining room table. Finally, at the end of June I took the five minutes I needed to place them on the board. Over the next week I looked at them daily and with everything I had, I envisioned my life of freedom. 

The board contained many images, but two that I deeply focused on were working with a high-level coach and finalizing our trip to Europe. I posted pictures of Belgium, Amsterdam and Iceland and had decided on a coach I knew I was meant to work with. Within a week both items were final. On July 1, I received a notification that airfare to Europe had dropped to just $700 per person and I booked it instantly. The next day I had a clarity call with my now coach which just reaffirmed I was meant to follow her lead and within a week I had paid in full for her program!

mindset work to make dreams a reality

I'm not lying to you when I say it is worth it. So whatever you want to call it - woo woo, mindset, intention, whatever you need to call it to make it appeal to you, just do it. Seriously, stop wasting your life feeling desensitized, you deserve so much more from this beautiful life.

Be Merry!