How to Easily Create Content that Sells for Your Brand


How to easily create content that sells for your brand


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Creating content that leads to instant audience connection and more sales in your business can feel overwhelming, scary and hard. I get it lady. Before I implemented what I like to call “my secret weapon” for creating seamless content creation, I was also feeling completely burnt out when it came to creating content. Today I’m sharing with you 4 tips to ditching that overwhelm and creating content with ease.

1. Write when you feel inspired

I know for me, sudden bursts of inspiration come out of nowhere. When that happens, it’s so important you write it down or take a voice memo on your phone of the thoughts you are having. How many times have you had an idea, waited until you were ready to write a post and then completely forgot the amazingness that you came up with earlier? I don’t want that to happen to you, so when you feel inspired to write a post or have an idea for content, take a minute to get your thoughts out on paper or in a voice memo and then go back to what you’re doing. Then, each week have a time blocked out for creating content and go back through your notes and voice recordings so you can feel re-inspired and ready to write!

2. Create Brand Containers

I love brand containers! They have helped me tremendously when it comes to creating content for my brand. They’re basically a way to group and organize your content into the different facets of your brand.

If you want to identify and create your own brand containers with me, I’m hosting a free workshop where you’ll walk away with 5 brand containers you can start using right away to build momentum, reliability and buzz around your brand and business. I’ve hosted this virtual workshop before, and it’s always so fun to see everyone excited about creating content! Sign up here >>

3. Get Organized

Organize your content into an easy to use content calendar, so you know what your focus is depending on the week, month, quarter - even year. This allows you to plan your content around course launches, promotions, features and more!

4. Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse

You don’t have to take a one and done approach to content. Content can easily be recycled, repurposed and reused. This is super helpful because you don’t always have to be reinventing the wheel when it comes to your content. Plus, those pesky algorithms make it almost a requirement to recycle your content if you want the majority of your followers to actually see it!


I love to use SmarterQueue* to recycle my blog posts, Youtube videos, Podcasts and more so that content is always going out and my Facebook Business Page basically runs on automate!


Go live on your Facebook page? Turn it into a blog post. Write a blog post? Break it down into smaller social media posts. There are so many ways you can repurpose content. One content piece can be showcased in different ways across multiple platforms to benefit as many people as possible.


Look back at posts from awhile ago and reuse the posts that performed really well. No one is going to notice if you posted that same exact thing 8 months ago - and if they do, they must really like your stuff, so they won’t care to see it again!

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