PART ONE: 6 Marketing Trends For Your Brand in 2019


PART ONE: 6 Marketing Trends For Your Brand in 2019

January 10, 2019

6 Marketing Trends for Your Brand in 2019 {Part One}. It’s an exciting year to be an entrepreneur, educator and course creator and in today’s blog we are taking a peak at part one of must-haves for your brand. We’re diving into 3 of the 6 tips with tangible steps of how you can incorporate it into your business right away.

I’m sorry where the heck did 2018 go?! Seriously, can’t believe we are already strong into 2019 with so many exciting things in store for the year ahead. I’m a big nerd and love staying on top of marketing trends and research and thought, what better way to kick of 2019 than with some marketing/ entrepreneur predictions.

I’ve been in business for almost three years now (2.5 of which where I was actually making money) and I’ve got to say I’m so excited for what’s on the horizon in 2019. We’re seeing a massive shift in terms of transparency, relationships and possibilities and it’s one of the coolest times to be an online entrepreneur, educator and course creator.

So to kick off blog #1 of 2019, I’m sharing Part One of 6 Marketing Trends For Your Brand in 2019 with three non-negotiables for brands this year.

#1 StORY

Well, we all know this one is hands down my favorite! Story has always been there, engrained at the core of so many successful brands, but now in 2019, it’s more important than ever. Audiences are looking for deeper audience connection and nothing does that better than personal story. Story builds trust and as Zig Ziglar said, “If people like you they’ll listen and if they trust you they’ll do business with you!”

We’re seeing this increase mostly on platforms like Instagram, where audiences are looking for more storytelling type posts in real time than too much pre-scheduled and generic content.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Start right now in getting clear on what parts of your story will engage your audience. Hint: You’ve really got to know your audience so it doesn’t feel like you’re just writing in your diary. Get clear on what parts of your story resonate most with your audience and start sharing them piece by piece and repeat. You can never share a story too many times, seriously, you should always be on a mission to attract new people and if someone hears it more than once it just drives the message home.

TIP: Include at least one sentence of story in each post, but do your best to work in 2 pieces of a long-form story every single week. An example is while this blog post isn’t focused heavily on story I do mention a few lines in the beginning, then I can use that to expand further on social media to connect with my audience and drive them to this post.

#2 Video

My absolute favorite way to share my message with my audience, hey that’s you, is through video. If you’re not already using video for your business NOW IS THE TIME! Seriously, brands not using video for their business are going to quickly get surpassed by those that are. The shift that we are seeing in 2019 is that it’s not as much about live video, although still super helpful to have in your marketing plan, but more about evergreen options like Youtube, pre-recorded video on Facebook and IGTV.

Audiences are looking for content they can consume on their own time and stuff that doesn’t require an hour to watch!

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Start working video into your content creation strategy with at least one video a month, more if you can. Some of my favorite ways to do it are through Insta Stories, especially if you are just starting out, as a way to invite your audience in and work your way up to a longer video. Utilize Instagram Highlights to keep you important messages there for your audience to rewatch after they expire.

TIP: Shorter videos are performing better, hint why Insta Stories are being watched by over 400 million people and growing. If recording content for Youtube and IGTV videos under 15 minutes tend to perform better.

#3 Consistency

If your goal in 2019 is to create a profitable brand then consistency needs to be your word! Remember that trust quote from above? Well, consistency is needed to stay at the front of mind for your audience and nothing breaks trust like freaking disappearing on your audience.

We’re seeing an increase in themes of the week and consistency in posting so your audience knows when your content will be live. We’ve always released blogs on Thursdays and podcast episodes on Tuesday, but we are taking it a step further in 2019 with Youtube videos, specific days of the week for Facebook content and even themed Insta Stories so my audience knows when to watch (hint it’s Monday and Thursday ;))

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Content calendars are a must in business, but there is no one size fits all approach for everyone. Some of my favorite ways to plan content are through Trello, Google Spreadsheets, and a physical planner. What you want to look for here is a clear schedule of when you will be posting your content (remember consistent days is important) and what you’ll be sharing so you can plan.

TIP: I like to plan my content on paper first and then move it to a digital planner to share with my team. I’m also trying something new this year where I have a specific journal for content ideas, since they're always coming to me, and I can go back and pull from that when needed.

See what I mean an exciting year ahead! Next week I’m sharing Part Two and the final three Marketing Trends For Your Brand in 2019 and trust me you don’t want to miss it. This is what I’m most excited about with the year ahead and can’t wait for you to start doing them too.

Head over to Instagram and let me know if you loved this post and which of the top three you’re most interested in integrating.

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