What's Missing From Your Brand and How to Fix It


Let's cut right to it shall we?

The #1 thing missing from your brand is emotion!

If you don't make people FEEL something then they are going to peace out. The average time people spend on a website is 15 seconds, so you better be able to do something right off the bat to catch their attention and pull them in to what you have to offer.

Another very important component of branding is building trust. You do this by sharing your story yes, but you also want people to know you understand them 100% and that they can trust you to be vulnerable and understanding of their needs and wants - this comes form building an emotional connection.

In this episode of the Brandmerry Vlog, I'm sharing with you how your can carry the emotions of your brand into the aesthetics and content of your brand.

What's Missing From Your Brand and How to Fix It

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