The Top Three Reasons I Love Converkit

the top three reasons to choose Convertkit for your business

I've tested out a ton of email marketing platforms, because I love to do my research!

When I stumbled upon Convertkit, I really loved the option of having my landing pages and email marketing in one place. I want simple and easy for my business with the option to customize if necessary and that is exactly what I've found in Convertkit.

I wanted to provide some of my favorite ways to use Convertkit and how to get started right away in building your list and sharing your vulnerability through email.

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Disclaimer: I absolutely love Convertkit and use it as my own email provider to grow my list, but the links within this post are affiliate links.

Ok, on to my favorite tools.

1) Landing Pages & Forms

Convertkit includes opt in pages which can easily be connected to you funnel. They offer four options for landing pages, which have been designed for very simple, straightforward use in gathering email addresses for your list. My favorite by far is the Sliding landing page. They also offer simple form options that can be embedded on your website to promote an offer or email newsletter. Since joining Convertkit, I've learned to customize the form option and host my opt ins on Squarespace and still get all the benefits Convertkit offers through their analytics (more to come on how I do this).

2) Tagging capabilities

One of my absolute favorite features of Convertkit is their tagging capabilities. When someone signs up for an offer, completes a sequence or clicks on a link you have the option to assign them a tag. There are two major benefits of tagging your list of subscribers. The first is your ability to make sure you aren't promoting the same thing (i.e. a training or offer) to people who have already signed up. The second, and maybe my favorite, is you can segment certain groups based on their activity. For instance, if you are promoting a new program and want to send a follow up email to clicked your link to learn more you can do so with tagging! 

3) Priority Email for Gmail

This is something I struggled with a lot with other providers and that was the fact that my emails always ended up in the promotions folder on Gmail. I want people to see my emails so finding a provider that had my emails showing up in the main folder was huge. Convertkit designs there emails to be super simple, as if you were just sending a friend a casual email. This allows your message to show up in the main folder for Gmail. Recently, they added additional templates that add a little more pizzaz to your emails, but still end up in the main folder - Win Win!

Convertkit offers a ton of options for building your list, nurturing your list and converting prospects into paying clients. If you are looking for an email provider I encourage you to check out Convertkit.

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