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Episode 12 | Planning Tips for 2019

Planning Tips for 2019

Free to Be Podcast | Episode 12

Episode 12 Free to Be Podcast Planning Tips for 2019 | Plan with me for 2019, planning tips, 2019 resolutions, 2019 planning ideas | Michelle Knight

Today’s episode is a little impromptu because I think it’s needed! I’ve been watching so many entrepreneurs over the past year fly by the seat of their pants, and while I see incredible value in leading with inspiration, I also see too many entrepreneurs taking action from a place of desperation. My secret to avoiding this has always been planning.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can plan for 2019 starting today and set yourself up for major success in the new year.

Things we talk about in this episode:

↠ How to start taking your shit seriously
↠ What made the biggest difference when I started my business
↠ How to avoid the entrepreneur end of the year trap
↠ The exact four-phase process I use to plan for the year ahead
↠ The exact questions I ask myself when planning for the year ahead

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It's for the woman who is tired of just guessing at creating her profitable business and wants to seriously start making sh*t happen!

This program was designed to give you the COMPLETE roadmap, to remove the feeling of overwhelm and give you the support and accountability from someone who has been exactly where you are now so you can dig deeper than you could ever do on your own.

Learn more here:

Questions from today’s episode:


  • What worked for you in 2018?

  • What didn’t light you up or excited you?

  • What did you accomplish or celebrate in 2018?

  • Based on 2018, what’s on top of mind for 2019?

  • What will you create or release in 2019?


  • Visualize what you are doing in 10 years.

  • Why do you want it?

  • What action can you take in 2019, that will get you closer to your goal?


  • Where do you want to be by the end of 2019?

  • How does that make you feel?

  • How does this contribute to your 10-year vision?

  • Now break down your main steps to get there into quarterly plans.

First 90 Days:

  • What is your #1 focus for the year ahead?

  • Decide on your Big 3 for the first 90 days.

  • Create actionable and measurable steps to get you closer to those goals in the first 90 days (get specific with each month).


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Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. I created my own business just after having my first baby and while working a 9 to 5.

Within one year I left my 9 to 5 and created a 6-figure business. Now I spend my days as a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs, raise my little boy and travel the world with my little family of 3.





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How to Create a Visibility Plan for Your Online Business

How to Create a Visibility Plan for Your Online Business

Creating a visibility plan that gets you seen, heard and paid is so incredibly important for your online business and today, I'm showing you how to do just that by harnessing the power of social media. This content was originally featured on my Facebook Page for Monday's with Michelle, so if you're not already following me over there, be sure to hit the "like" button, so you don't miss out on any of the valuable content I share. 

Step #1: Start with where you're showing up

How to Create a Visibility Plan for Your Online Business | Increase your visibility online | Bradning and Business Coach | Brandmerry by Michelle Knight 

To figure out the best places to show up, ask yourself "who do I want to attract to my brand?" If you don't know where your ideal client is showing up online, ask them. You want to show up on the platforms where your people are hanging out. For example, f you know your ideal client is a mom, Pinterest is probably a great place to start. 

Visibility doesn't mean we're showing up everywhere. It means we're showing up on specific platforms and providing value. If you're just starting out, focus on one platform, get really good on that one platform and then grow from there. Start with a platform you are comfortable with. 

Think outside the box; it doesn't just have to be social media. You can show up on podcasts, at networking events, on virtual summits or as a guest expert. 

Step #2: Plan your time by looking at the big picture

It's important to be efficient with your time and understand how what you're planning visibility wise fits in with the big picture. Don't just show up to show up. Think about what is going to get you the most bang for your buck and allow you to get the most out of your time. 

Think about launches, courses, announcement, events, etc. Plan your launch calendar 30-90 days out, so you know what you need to be talking about when you show up and how often you should be showing up at different times throughout the 90 days. Make sure the content you are showing up with matches your launch calendar. Having a 90 day plan allows you to be more efficient with your content timeline. 

Step #3: Writing Your Visibility Plan

Now we're getting to the good stuff - actually writing your visibility plan. To help you write your plan, follow these 4 steps:

1. Figure out where and when you are going to show up. Consistency is key. What does that look for you? Every day? Every other day? Your visibility plan should be unique to you, but it should also be a little out of your comfort zone.

2. Set your intention for the next 30 days. What is your goal in terms of visibility. Is it to grow your list? Fill your program? Nurture your community? Write your visibility goal at the top of your monthly plan. 

3. Come up with ideas. Write down every idea you can of what type of things you can talk about. Once you have a long list, you can plug them into your visibility plan. 

4. Determine how you will show up. Is it on video? Is it on audio? How are you going to show up? How are you going to make yourself visible? 

Now take these 4 steps, and actually put it together into your 30 day plan. Having a plan allows you to get inspired. It allows you to not feel stressed out. It allows you to actually show up. You can always add more to your visibility plan throughout the month, but having it written down allows you to show up with ease without the overwhelm. 

Don't make this complicated. I just put it all into a calendar and print one out, so it's super visual. You can also put it into Trello or Asana. Figure out what platform works best for you, try it for 30 days and go from there!

You can watch the whole video for a more in-depth version of this and several bonus tips below!

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Branding and Business Coach | Brandmerry by Michelle Knight

Branding and Business Coach

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. She works with her clients to dive deep into their story so they can create a brand and message that positions them as an expert and allows them to create their desired income to free up time in their schedule for what matters most. Learn more >>

Effectively Plan for 2017 (and how not to lose momentum)

I absolutely love this time of year. The time between Christmas and New Years when you just dream of the year ahead. I spend so much time during this week every year just reflecting on the past year and planning for the future.

Effectively plan out your 2017. my three step process to achieve your goals and keep your momentum going all year long.

Are you planning this week? It's such an amazing time of possibility! However, I've seen time and time again people who create goals and within 90, sometimes 30 days, stop making progress. I don't want that for you and I promise you there is another way. 

Last year I set out with a pretty big goal - launch my business, leave my 9 to 5 and make enough money on my own to support my family. It was scary, but it was a dream I couldn't ignore. I followed the exact process I'm laying out for you below to make it all my reality.

I truly believe anything you desire can become your reality. That is why I follow this approach when mapping out my year ahead. I've said time and time again it helps you keep momentum in your life throughout the whole year, but it also allows you to achieve your wildest dreams! If you start with the end goal in site, and don't worry about the how, you get into a place of anything is possible, and with that mindset it truly is.

learn how to effectively plan your goals for the year and actually achieve them

Here is the exact process I use to map out my year ahead. It totally worked for me in 2016 and I know it will work for you and I this coming year!

Three step process:

  1. Write out your goals for the year: Dream big baby! Don't hold back here, the main goal is to just write down every major goal you have for 2017. Don't worry about the how, just imagine yourself this time next year and imagine how different your life is. What were the major accomplishments that led to that moment?

  2. Break your goals down quarterly: Take those big goals and break them down into seasons. If your goal is to make $100K in your business then how much do you need to make every quarter? If you want to have 12 clients, how many feels good to take on each quarter? Again we aren't worrying about the how, just breaking it down into smaller, more manageable goals. 

  3. Step by step plan: This is my favorite part of the puzzle because this is where my creativity and strategy comes into play. Take your quarterly goals and write out exactly how you plan to get there. Again, we aren't really focusing on the how, although we are definietely implementing a little more strategy at this phase. The main focus is laying out the steps you need to take so you have a clear picture of the action steps needed to reach your desires. If you want to make $100K in your business and that comes out to $25K a quarter, then you know you need to take on 5 clients at $5k, or hold a group program with 50 people at $500 a piece. The strategies and techniques are endless, you just have to come up with the methods used to reach your end goal.

This technique seriously works for anything, it doesn't have to be money related! If you want to create a Facebook community, like my group Authentic Brand Builders, and you want X number of people in the group for Q1, then what strategies are you going to use to get there? If you want X number of people on your email list by Q2, how many people do you need a day and how are you going to get there?

By working backwards you really are setting yourself up for success from the very beginning - not to mention you have a step by step action plan that keeps you on track and keeps your momentum going for the whole year.

2017 is your year! It's the year that you launch your business, make your first $10K, $30K or $100K, it's the year you leave your 9 to 5 or the year you take that two week trip to Europe - it is your year! Don't hold back when it comes to planning your 2017 and for goodness sake don't get caught in the how from the very beginning, just picture and feel into the end result.

I promise you it is ALL possible, I set out with a goal at the beginning of 2016 to launch my business, leave my 9 to 5 and make more than enough money to support my family and life of freedom, and I'm doing just that. 

Make a plan.

Take action.

Live your life of freedom.


P.S. Ready to Get Sh*t Done in 2017? I'm hosting a goal setting challenge in Authentic Brand Builders, kicking off on Monday, January 2. Get all the details and sign up here: