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3 Fundamentals of a Profitable and Successful Online Business

3 Fundamentals of a Profitable and Successful Online Business


3 Fundamentals of a Profitable and Successful Online Business | Brandmerry Blog

I was recently in Paris for a week for a mastermind experience, so today I wanted to share some of my top takeaways from the experience. I want you all to be able to use these important pieces of information as well so you can scale your business and grow your influence.

I’ve made it super easy for you to consume these powerful three steps by either reading through them below or watching the live stream below (hint: I give away way more detail in the video #justsayin).

1. Importance of Forward-Thinking

It’s time to stop planning for just the day or week ahead and start focusing on the big picture. I know that sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the small steps or wonder if they are working. Trust me they are. Those small steps lead us to the big picture and it’s all part of the process.

To make the small steps easier, you need to make sure you’re really clear on what your big picture vision for your brand and business looks like. It’s important to test the waters and tweak what isn’t working, again focusing on the big picture.

With everyone doing the same thing, how can you think ahead?

How can you try something not many people are doing just yet and go outside the norm?

These are questions you need to be thinking about on a regular basis to keep moving your business forward and no longer playing small.

2. It’s About Creating More Than a Business

When coaches, mentors, consultants, etc… all sound the same it’s SO important to be different.

What is your IT factor?

What is your audience coming to you for advice on?

How are you going to stand out?

Decide if this is your end or your beginning? For many of you I hope this is your beginning, that you’re using this business to continue to grow into something BIGGER. If so, then start making strides forward and doing things that move you towards the end result; this includes having a strong personal brand to support the evolution and growth.

It’s important to create a brand around you, so it can grow and evolve as your business does, while also creating a complete experience for your audience. Your audience is human and so are you, it’s time to start focusing on all the layers that make up your brand, rather than just what you’re selling.

3. You Need Community

You can’t do it alone and you need other women to help you fill your cup. It’s important to be part of a group program or a mastermind if it’s available to you to inspire and collaborate together on ideas. I absolutely loved my mastermind group and all of the women completely inspired me to do bigger and better things this year.

My favorite thing about having a community of like-minded women is to candidly talk about life and business and be honest. Accountability is huge. You have it from a mentor yes, but having it from a colleague is HUGE.

And to top it off, having a community to lean on and going to events is just freaking FUN!!!! I had so much fun in Paris, but one thing it made me realize was how I always wanted to do this myself. I have always wanted to bring together a group of women to do this with, so that’s what I’m doing.

If having a community, accountability, FUN and mentorship from me sounds like something you would love, I encourage you to reach out.

If you’re not ready for a high level mastermind just yet, Roadmap to Freedom will be opening soon, and you can get on the waitlist now to be notified when that happens. Learn more >>

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