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How I Made 3/4 of My Income Goal in The 2nd Half of 2017

How I Made 3/4 of My Income Goal in The 2nd Half of 2017


How I Made 3/4 of My Income Goal in The 2nd Half of 2017 | How to reach your income goal for the year | Brandmerry Coaching with Michelle Knight Branding and Business Coach

Last year, I had a goal to make $100,000 in my business. That number felt good to me, and the reason   I'm sharing this with you today is because I made 3/4ths of that in the second half of 2017. Which means that it's to too late for you if you feel behind in your own goal for the year right now. My biggest months last year were September and October which were both right around $14k and December which was closer to $18k. So it's not to late for you to reach your goals, you just have to take some steps in order to get there. 

Believed in My Goal

I believed so much in my goal. I was so grounded and rooted in hitting $100k - in hitting 6 figures. Be super clear and specific on your goal. I felt that number in my soul. I was invested and excited in that number. 

I visualized every step of the way, every month, every time I hit a goal. I was super clear on my visualization process. I was really inspired by this number. It was about how that would make me feel. I also had to do the inner work. I really started to bust through my old beliefs around money, and I also had to release my inner perfectionist.

I was always checking in on where I was at in my goals and where I might need to pick up slack. 

Planned for a Big Launch

I had planned for a big launch. Launches are a great way to bring in a big influx of money when you are trying to reach a big goal. I had been planning mine for 9 months and growing my list since January!

I did the prep work and knew this was a big part of the end of the year for reaching my goal, so I took time to prep for it and get those pieces in place. 

I really focused on building relationships and nurturing my audience. I started going live regularly. I started doing more workshops and webinars. Building trust with your community is massive. I really credit the relationship building I did to the success of this launch. 

I truly went all in on this launch! There was no holding back. Everyone knew I was launching. I put money in a mentor and Facebook Ads and the return on investment was huge. 

Focused on New Eyes and Ears on My Brand


I focused on growing my list daily and taking sales action, but also community action.

I used FB ads, Instagram and organic reach through groups to grow my list through webinars, workshops, live videos, freebies, challenges, etc (everything I do has some sort of opt in ;))

I created a welcome sequence so people really got to know me through my free offer, so when I rolled out a new offer, they were ready to invest. 

Strategically Stacked My Offers

I always had and still have a next step for my clients so they feel supported. If someone finishes a program, I have a next step for them. I planned out my launches and cart opens to lead clients from one into the other

With this in mind I heavily introduced my intensives as a welcome to coaching and focused on filling that from August - December, this led to my 1:1 clients at a higher ticket price. So you can bring people in at a lower cost level and then funnel them to the higher ticket prices. 

Separated From The How, BUT Took Action


I had my big goal in mind and things I was working towards daily, but I wasn’t obsessed with one thing working over the other.

I focused my time and energy on taking action and if something didn’t work I found something that did.

I was constantly showing up, taking action and investing back into my business to get it to work. Always take action. Don't just wait for the best idea to fall into your lap. It will come, but always take action. 

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