How to Get Your Ideal Client to Stay on Your Website


How to Get Your Ideal Client to Stay on Your Website

So you have people visiting your website! Good for you - I know it's such an awesome feeling when you get people to start viewing your hard work!

I know it feels like such a huge accomplishment that people have decided to take a step further and investigate what it is you are all about. But the problem is not getting people to your website, it is getting them to stay.

Fun fact, just last week I was doing a guest podcast interview and the host was telling me how easy it was to get pulled into my website and she suddenly found herself reading every page - pretty cool huh?

It's so freaking important to give people a REASON to stay on your website and to explore more about you and what you have to offer.

In today's web series I'm sharing How To Get Your Ideal Client to Stay on Your Website and I promise it's a whole lot easier than it sounds!

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