How to Choose Fonts for Your Personal Brand


Most people don't realize the importance of carefully selecting aesthetics for your brand that reflect your brand story. What is a brand story you ask, great question!

In short your brand story is your past chapters that have contributed to who you are, what you've learned and your purpose. Your brand story is what your brand and business is built on that allows you to stand out online right from the start. To learn more about your brand story, go here:

How to Choose Fonts for Your Personal Brand that Make People FEEL Something

Today, I want to talk to you about the aesthetics of your brand - I know GASP! I talk all the time about the importance of your story, your purpose and your message, but now it's time to chat about what happens when you have a clear understanding of those elements. 

My personal recommendation in choosing fonts for your brand is to choose a basic font that can be used across all platforms, so on your website, Canva or Photoshop. This is the base of your brand. In addition I recommend two complimentary fonts (often one header font and one script-type font).

Essentially, I like to have a header font that draws attention to something you are sharing and stands out, plus a handwritten font, whether script or something more free flowing is your choice and should compliment your brand story.

CHOOSING FONTS based on emotion

Choosing fonts that compliment the emotions of your brand can be a bit scary and slightly overwhelming. The bottom line is that your brand should make people FEEL something, and yes fonts play a part in making people feel. Here are some examples of the emotions evoked by font selections, to make your decision process a bit easier.

Be sure to reference the image below for some examples AND if you’re ready to build a better brand then be sure to sign up for my free masterclass.

How to choose fonts for your brand that make your audience feel something.

Selecting your fonts are only a small part of the branding process and it’s not even where I recommend my clients get started. If you want to learn my 3 Must-Know Secrets to Build a Better Brand be sure to sign up for my free masterclass.

Branding and Business Coach

Branding and Business Coach

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