How I Built My Roadmap to Freedom


How I Built My Roadmap to Freedom


How I Built my Roadmap to Freedom | Starting a business, entrepreneur tips, how to start an online business | Brandmerry

In January 2016 I started my online business, and basically, everyone thought I was crazy.

You see I had just given birth to my son.

In these moments of great transition, struggling with PPD, questioning my role as a mother; I decided to take on another challenging experience and branch out into the world of entrepreneurship.

If you don't know my entire story here is the CliffsNotes version:

• 1 month after having my son I decided to start my business and struggled for 6 months to actually get it off the ground and running.

• Pivoted my focus to coaching and gave my notice at work without having signed a single client.

• Left my 9 to 5 in September 2016 and signed my first client, then my next and then in December had my biggest month yet.

• Almost threw in the towel in January 2017 after an unexpected tax bill that I couldn't pay landed on my doorstep.

• Picked myself back up, focused on four key pieces, invested an insane amount of money and started to accelerate my growth.

• I hit 6-figures cash in my business in December 2017 and surpassed that amount already this year.

And yes, I know how absolutely CRAZY this all seems!

What was I thinking? How could I risk it ALL to take this chance, not being certain what the outcome would be?

But, the truth is, I felt a pull inside of me that could no longer be denied. I was told that when I became a mother, I would have to choose. Choose between my career and raising my son. Choose between taking trips because who travels with a baby?

But, what if I chose to have it ALL?

What if I could write my own ending?

Spoiler alert… that’s exactly what I did.

I Created a Roadmap

I chose to have a thriving business, one I had complete creative control over and raise my son at the same time (like seriously working on my laptop and breastfeeding became our normal routine).

I chose to continue to travel with my husband and bring our then 10-month old on a 2 week trip to Europe while launching my first small priced offer. This year, we traveled with him to Ireland and Iceland, seriously this kid is a champ on a plane.

I chose to make time to build my business, raise my son and yes take care of myself in the process and although I've gone through times of reflection, I'm proud to say I've not experienced the dreaded entrepreneur burnout in my 2+ years.

And I continue to choose every single day that this WILL be my truth because I'm worthy of it.

And you are worthy of the same truth.

I created a roadmap for myself, implemented it, started hitting my goals and creating a life of freedom, and that’s when it dawned on me…

I needed to share this roadmap with all of you.

I know that creating a thriving online business can help you achieve the time, financial and location freedom you WANT because that's precisely what it did for me.

And that’s why I decided to launch my signature program Roadmap to Freedom.

The results I’ve seen from the groups of women that have already gone through the program are incredible.

Take a look for yourself…

Introducing Roadmap to Freedom

Roadmap to Freedom is a 6 month group coaching program for the new female entrepreneur who is ready to launch an online business that allows her to make money on her own terms.


↠ What would it feel like to have all those missing pieces laid out for you? 

↠ To be able to pick and choose the ones that work best for you, your life and your business? 

↠ To have the support to ask questions & brainstorm having someone who has been exactly where you are now helping you dig deeper than you could ever do on your own? 

How would it feel to create a life that allowed you to work with location independence; to travel, to take off when needed and not ask permission? 

↠ How would it feel to have the time to do the things you truly enjoy; to go to yoga, to spend time with your child to go on dates with your husband? 

↠ How would it feel to have financial freedom to be able to pay off debt, to be able to live a life that doesn’t revolve around paycheck to paycheck?

All of this is possible for you, and I’ve got the roadmap to support you in making it into a reality.

You know that pull I felt? The one I mentioned earlier in this post? I have a feeling that you may be feeling that pull towards different, too. It’s time to follow that fire and see where it leads you!

If you are feeling that pull, I encourage you to learn more about the program or join here:

And as always please share and comment on this blog post, I love connecting with you!

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