EP 10 | Food Rebels with Jodi Bullock


Food Rebels with Jodi Bullock

Free to Be Podcast | Episode 10

Episode 10 Food Rebels with Jodi Bullock on The Free to Be Podcast with Michelle Knight Branding and Business Coach Brandmerry.com

In today’s episode, I’m having a real and pretty raw conversation with my dear friend and former coach, Jodi Bullock. You’ll learn more about my relationship with food and the major changes Jodi supported me in making Fall 2017. I just knew to celebrate one year of feeling FREAKING AWESOME, I had to have her on to support all of you.

Jodi and I share the same passion for food AND what we are feeding our sons. I hope this episode inspires you to push back against tradition if it feels right for you and your family.

As with every episode on the podcast, it is my intention for you to feel empowered to make changes in your life leading you to freedom.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

• Jodi’s fertility issues and her story about bringing her baby into the world

• How to push back and question what you’ve been taught to lead a healthier life

• The food we are giving our children and what needs to stop

• Why Jodi is so passionate about teaching parents the importance of what we feed our kids

• What to do when you want to make diet changes but feel lost

• The real benefits of smoothies and juices (because we just can’t decide)

This is a super passionate episode and I can’t wait for you to dive in. Please note if you need to make shifts in your diet please consult Jodi or a registered professional.


Jodi Bullock is a holistic health coach and consultant who uses the energetics of food and the body to show you how to create the healthiest version of yourself and is working to create large-scale changes in how we look at the food system so that our next generations learn how to eat.

Join Jodi’s private community for more support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodrebels


Website: jodibullock.com

Instagram: instagram.com/jodi.bullock/

Facebook: facebook.com/Jodibullockrd/

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCVL0QfkZjBuMkVhH5s9zeew

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Roadmap to Freedom

Fueled and Focus

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