Best Hashtags for Instagram to Get Your Business Noticed and Increase Engagement


This week I'm sharing a bunch of information about how to organically grow an engaged Instagram following. 

Best hashtags to organically grow your Instagram and increase engagement #socialmedia #instagram #marketing

In fact I shared this little video in Authentic Brand Builders this week on how to find the top 30 hashtags for your business. Watch the video here >>

I thought, why not give them a great starting point and share my top five go to hashtags for Instagram.

Really quick though, if you aren't currently using hashtags to market yourself on Instagram, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. You are able to use up to 30 hashtags and I highly recommend you use them all. Start with the five below and use the video to find the rest that are in alignment with your brand and business. 



This hashtag was started by and is a community made up of travelers, storytellers & creatives inspiring you to explore. Their goal is to unite travelers by allowing them to share the travel experiences that have challenged them, shaped their perspective of the world and given them a better sense of who they are.  @passionpassport


Created by Emily Lind, Called To Be Creative was designed to showcase the passions, dreams, & stories of today's creative ladies. @_calledtobecreative


Brandi Walker, of Run Style Run, and her friend Meg started the hashtag as way to unite women in sharing the little things in our lives. It's about not overlooking the little things and finding joy in the moment. @runstylerun


Founded by The Happy Hunters, two LA based bloggers, #thehappynow basically makes me happy every single time I look at it. It's a place to post anything and everything that makes you happy :) @thehappyhunters


I love everything about this hashtag and it's creators Folk Magazine. Just one look at their photos you will see it is totally on brand with If you love the outdoors and your people do to, you will love this tag. @folkmagazine

The best hashtags to get your Instagram noticed and increase engagement organically


Started by Glitter Guide, a lifestyle website dedicated to inspiring you to shine bright. The hashtag features pictures of pretty much anything that is well, just pretty. Share the photos that really make you smile @glitterguide


Yep, that's right as of today Brandmerry has their own hashtag! Join us in encouraging women to share their personal story through Instagram. The photos don't have to be fancy or staged, just real. #Brandmerry is about uniting female entrepreneurs to share what makes them authentic. @brandmerrycoaching

Remember hashtags, although often made fun of, are a strategy that is necessary to growing your Instagram and start getting truly engaged followers. 

Do you have any favorite hashtags you like to use on Instagram?

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