How to Block Out the Noise When You Are Starting Your Business

How to block out the noise when starting your business to avoid overwhelm

Every single day we are bombarded with Facebook Ad's, emails, new exciting offers, the next best thing in marketing, etc.. and if you are just starting your business this sh*t can be super overwhelming!

I'm still working on clearing out all the fluff from when I first started, sure some of it helped, but if we are being honest here hiring a coach was what really changed it for me.

In fact it is during my 1:1 coaching sessions that I see this questions come up a ton - how do I block out the noise?

There are three strategies I've encouraged my community to implement and I use myself and am sharing in this video today.

I'm sharing my top three strategies so you can focus more on making money and less on trying to figure all that nonsense out.

Starting your business doesn't have to be overwhelming and it is possible to shut out the noise, but you have to make an effort to do so. Watch the video and follow the three steps to start simplifying your systems and do what you can with what you have!