5 daily tasks that will allow you to get more done and reach your goals

5 Daily tasks that will allow you to get more done and reach your goals as an online entrepreneur.

Last week, I shared a video on my Facebook page about what my day to day schedule looks like (hint: there isn't much of a structure) and what I focus on every single day, yes it is the same, that allows me to hit my business and life goals!

If you want to check out the full video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, go here >> https://youtu.be/bkawBBsKWuw

But, I thought it would be super helpful to lay out the 5 daily tasks below so you can get inspired to create your Daily 5!

5 Daily Tasks That Allow Me to Get More Done and Constantly Move Towards Reaching My Goals

1) Personal Care

Every single day I do something for my mind and/or body so that I can be on my absolute A Game when it comes to growing and running my business. Most days I do a short 10-minute meditation to feel grounded in my energy, a workout (cause that sh*t is important), read my beliefs, visualize my goals and fuel my body. Often times we forget about taking care of ourselves while we are out building our empire, but this is a step that can't be skipped!

2) Grow My List/ Community

Whether I'm posting or engaging in another FB group, sharing a YouTube video, promoting my free offer, etc... I made sure not to miss a single day in growing my community. Your community is ESSENTIAL in running a business and, as you will see in task #3, where the trust between client and mentor begins to grow. Make it a goal to do something that gets the word out about your FB group, email list, newsletter, free offer, etc... so you can start building those deep relationships!

3) Nurture My List/ Community

This step is HUGE! I see time and time again that entrepreneurs spend so much time in energy in growing their list and zero time nurturing it. If you are sitting there not making the money you desire in your business, check yourself on how often you are engaging with the people who WANT to hear from you. Every single day I either email my list, go live, share in my community, post on social media or do individual outreach - whatever I feel called in that moment will remind my community I'm here to support them! Join my community here >> 

4) Make a Sale

Look, we have to make money! That's basically the bottom line and although no one wants to talk about selling or pitching or whatever it is you want to call it - IT IS IMPORTANT! You can only continue to do what you are doing and making your impact in the world, if you are financially supported. Every day I do something that will lead to a sale. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not selling every single day, but I'm coming up with a way to make money, whether that is a new program, a product, a special offer or reaching out to a past prospect. Make it your goal every day to grow your business, by making money!

5) Research

I freaking LOVE research! I can get lost in doing hours and hours of research on a particular topic, so when I was picking the Daily 5, I knew I needed to include it. I want to constantly be growing in my business and in order to do that I need to stay up-to-date on new offering, strategies, mindset routines, etc... I often drive my research topic by what my community and clients need most so I know I'm first and foremost serving them. 

Don't forget this list should be customizable to YOU, but I highly recommend choosing your Daily 5 and sticking to it. The best part, no matter how crazy life might get, you know if you complete your Daily 5 you will reach your goals!

Just a quick reminder you can watch the full video, where I shared a little more about my personal schedule here: https://youtu.be/bkawBBsKWuw

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