How to Improve Your Conversions With Facebook Ads

How to Improve Your Conversions With Facebook Ads 

What You NEED to Know in Order to Attract Your People, Improve Your Conversions and Ultimately Grow Your Audience Without Going Broke by using Facebook Ads | Brandmerry

When I first started my business, I knew nothing about Facebook ads. It took me about 10 months to use Facebook ads after I had started my business, and the reason I started was so I could grow my list and community without having to show up in Facebook groups every day.

However, I didn't have the budget to put towards hiring somebody AND paying for the ads. But, at the same time I was throwing away money on these ads because I didn't know what I was doing. So I had two options: pay someone or teach myself everything there is to know about running Facebook ads in this industry. 

To this day, I am the only one that has ever run and set up my Facebook ads. Now, in the beginning when I was basically throwing hundreds of dollars away and now I'm spending anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 on advertising a month depending on what's happening and my ads are converting under industry standards which is under $2 (I even have ads converting under .90)

I've learned the things that I needed to learn in order to make this a profitable part of my business. I have some really cool pieces hooked up on the back end of my Facebook ads so that my ad costs are covered (i.e. Tripwires).

And then the women who are joining my community and my list, who I am nurturing through time, are heading into Roadmap to Freedom or going into one-on-one or buying Brand New Adventure. So it's a really, really great return on my investment.

But, you need to be really strategic with the setup process, who you're targeting and paying attention to your numbers so that you don't do what I did in the very beginning (i.e. throwing away money).

So let's chat about some of those key pieces!

1. Audience 

When you're creating a Facebook ad, or any sort of paid advertising, they ask you who do you want to target? And if you're not specific with who you want to target, they will basically take your money and just put it out there in the hopes that people will respond. 

When you do ideal client work with me, I ask you age, I ask you gender, etc... It's because then when you go to create a Facebook ad, you already know that stuff. When you go to create a Pinterest ad, you already know that stuff. When someone asks you who's your target market? Does this fit within your audience? You know these details.

One of the things advertising asks you when you're setting up your audience is how old are they? What is the age range you want to target? And think about that - there are tons of people on Facebook, so you don't want to just open this up to everyone. The more narrow you are, the better your conversions will be and you'll be getting those ideal clients on your list.

These are the details that are so important, not only with the branding process but also with the marketing & advertising process. So number one is really who are they, right? How old are they, what's their age range, what's the gender, where do they live?

The next thing you want to think about when it comes to audience is who are they following online? This is the stuff that I teach my clients and in the beginning they're like, "Why am I doing this? This doesn't matter."

It does matter; and here is why. When you are running a Facebook ad, you can target specific pages. So for instance, I know that a lot of the women that I want to attract to my brand and my business follow Marie Forleo, so I know that by targeting her, I'm narrowing my audience to people who are more likely to convert which ultimately lowers my ad cost. 

2. Conversions

I always run my ads for conversions. The point of running an ad is to get people to convert. So, ideally you would run an ad to a free offer and then once they put in their email you would count everyone that lands on the thank you page as a conversion.

In order to increase your conversions, so that you don't waste your money, you need these 3 things: 

  1. A killer offer. You have to know that the audience that you're targeting really wants what you are offering them. 
  2. Ad image. Your image with your ad needs to be something that your audience responds to. You always do a lot of testing with ads and this is something we cover in, Roadmap to Freedom where you test an image with text on it, one without text on it, stock photos, photos of you, etc...until you find the ad that is performing best.
  3. Copy and messaging. Your messaging better be spot on if you want to keep your cost down. The single most important piece of messaging is how your audience benefits from whatever it is you are offering. Think about what will they get from what you are offering. Can they already identify that in a title? And if they can't identify that in your title, then you better give them some amazing bullets.

I know with all things marketing, we always want to talk about how do you do that? What's the sexy part about it?

But there are so many pieces that go in before all of that in order for it to work. The more attention you give to the foundation and set up the better your impact on your audience and the lower your ad costs. I know that if I start an ad, it's going to convert, because I know my audience, I know who I'm targeting.

I know all the key pieces and now I'm just testing to see how low I can get my conversions.

You can watch the whole video for a more in-depth version of this and several bonus tips below!

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