EPISODE 04 | Tapping Into Your Intuition With Tani Morgan


Tapping Into Your Intuition With Tani Morgan

Free to Be Podcast | Episode 04

Tapping Into Your Intuition With Tani Morgan | Episode 4 of The Free to Be Podcast with Michelle Knight

In today's episode, I'm so excited to introduce you to my former client, friend and Spiritual Business Coach, Tani Morgan. Tani came to me at the start of her business with a desire to reach more women and support them in living a more high vibe life. Since that time she's gone on to support women in reaching their deepest desires. When Tani shared a recent story with me I was blown away, I'd never heard something that so clearly painted the picture of what the Universe is capable of if we only listen.

Tani is sharing her story with you, yes all the details, to inspire you to start paying attention to the signs around you. She's sharing the power of intuition and her must-have tip for manifesting what you desire. It's such a fun conversation and I can't wait for you to dive in.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Tani's incredible story of following her own intuition and the role it played in her life and business.

  • Tips on manifesting and the single piece most individuals miss when it comes to manifesting their desires.

  • How to start paying attention to the signs around you, in order to lead a high-vibrational and joyful life.

  • Why massive inspired action is so important


Tani Morgan is a Spiritual Business Coach, an energy healer and yoga teacher. Tani stands out as an entrepreneur through her ability to use her intuition, share her spiritual gifts, and trust the universe for support. However, she hasn’t always lived an empowered life that she chose and created.  Tani used the power of her mind to overcome a deep depression and shows that it is absolutely possible to shift from the depths of despair to a soul-led, love-filled life of happiness and success!

As an intuitive energy worker and empowerment expert, Tani supports women feeling called to step up as lightworkers but who are being held back by fears and doubts. She helps them to release past traumas, transcend limiting beliefs and create a high vibration that results in the confidence and empowerment that they need to be successful.  Through private coaching and group programs, she has transformed the lives and businesses of women by guiding them to live their purpose, own their spiritual gifts and build businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

Tani’s story demonstrates that universal guidance is all around us all the time and when we can recognize and follow it, then abundance, success and happiness follows!


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